Do vegan Little Debbie snack exist?? If so, which of their products is vegan??

If you’re anything like me and my sister, when we were littler, we lived for Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, Chocolate Cupcakes with the Swirl Frosting, and my favorite, the Nutty Buddy! Although my taste buds have shifted since going vegan in 2010, I was curious if any of these products are actually vegan or if they contain milk/dairy products (as I suspect). Turns out Little Debbie has a huge product line and does not put their nutrition information on their website so digging into the ingredients required a couple trips to the grocery store – which isn’t the worst place as grocery shopping is my favorite!

Vegan Little Debbie Snacks

  • Little Debbie Handheld Apple Pie
  • Little Debbie Handheld Cherry Pie

Non-Vegan Little Debbie Snacks

  • Nutty Buddy (contains whey – milk product)
  • Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (contains egg whites and whey)
  • Fudge Rounds (contains egg whites and whey)
  • Oatmeal Cream Pies (contains egg whites and whey)
  • Little Debbie Party Cakes (contains egg whites and whey)
  • Honey Buns (contains eggs, nonfat dry milk, and honey)
  • Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies (contains eggs, egg whites, and whey)
  • Fudge Brownies (contains eggs and whey)
  • Mini Muffin Brownies (contains eggs and whey)
  • Pecan Spinwheels (contains eggs and whey)
  • Little Debbie Mini Muffins – All Flavors (contains eggs, egg whites, and whey)
  • Little Debbie Zebra Cakes (contains egg whites and whey)
  • Zebra Cake Rolls (contains eggs and whey)
  • Strawberry Cake Rolls (contains eggs and whey)
  • Orange Cream Cakes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Chocolate Fudge Cakes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Devils Cremes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Devils Squares (contains eggs and whey)
  • Chocolate Chip Cakes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Cookies and Cream Cakes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Boston Cream Rolls (contains eggs and whey)
  • Banana Twins Cakes (contains eggs and whey)
  • Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes (contains eggs and whey)

Basically, all of the classic Little Debbie snacks contain not only dairy but eggs or egg whites as well. I guess this explains why I haven’t had any of these products in so long!! If you really have a hankering for a Little Debbie’s treat, I suppose you could grab a vegan handheld pie but in general, if you’re following a vegan lifestyle, you’ll want to steer clear of Little Debbie snacks. Hope that helped and if you have any questions about Little Debbie or any snack products, I’d love to try and help – comment below with your question!

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