What can vegans eat for breakfast?

Breakfast foods can be tricky if you are transitioning to a vegan or predominately plant-based diet and more familiar with savory or omnivore options like yogurt, eggs, or cheese. There are several breakfast friendly vegan foods, particularly for those on the go that are nutritionally dense with protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied, vegan-friendly, and available at any time. These are breakfast foods and combinations recommended by a plant-based dietitian to help you start your day with success and nourish your body, heart, and soul. If you’re looking at this list, you’re probably already familiar with the typical breakfast foods including hot/cold cereals, toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, and muffins. So while I’ve included some of those that are rich in nutrition, many of the other items may be new to you and worth adding into your rotation to help create more variety and satiety in your diet.

Tofayan Whole Wheat Bagels

What We Love: These Tofayan Whole Wheat Bagels have 7 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein to help start your day with hearty, fiber filled carbohydrates to give you the energy to tackle your biggest to-do list. Spread nut butter on the bagel (toasted or untoasted) and stack the top and bottom like a sandwich for a quick on the go breakfast that can be toted with you and eaten in a variety of places.

Considerations: Depending on where you are eating, these bagels may leave a bit of a crumbly mess. They aren’t as crumbly as white breads and are a bit chewy like bagels should be, but nonetheless, they are still bagels.

One Mighty Mill Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

What We Love: If you love bagels but want something on the sweeter side, Mighty Mill makes a whole wheat cinnamon raisin vegan bagel that is great with a swipe of your favorite plant-based butter and stacked in sandwich form for easiest/cleanest eating on the go. Both of these bagel options could be served as a half if needing or wanting a smaller mini-meal if your appetite isn’t quite there but you know you need to nourish it with substance (aka fiber and protein) to help fuel your day.

Considerations: One Mighty Mill Bagels are currently only available in a select few stores, mainly Whole Foods. So depending on your shopping habits, One Mighty Mill Whole Wheat Bagels may not be a realistic option for you. However, if you get Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh food delivery, check out One Mighty Mill Whole Wheat Bagels HERE.

Happy Belly Whole Wheat English Muffins

What We Love: English Muffins can be sweet (nut butter and jelly) or savory (JustEgg and vegan cheese) and they whole wheat flour provides a hearty base that can up level any breakfast. These Happy Belly vegan english muffins are great for an economical, versatile breakfast on the go.

Considerations: Keep in mind that traditional English Muffins contain milk/buttermilk, so while many whole wheat English muffins are vegan, be sure to check the ingredient list if you are trying a new brand.

GoMacro Macrobars

What We Love: If you’re truly looking for an on-the-go breakfast, it doesn’t get much easier than packing along a vegan nutrition bar like these GoMacro Macrobars that contain delightful flavors, rich nut butters, hearty oats, and just enough sweetness.

Considerations: GoMacro Macrobars are great for on-the-go goodness and can be combined with a piece of fruit or handful of nuts for an even more substantial breakfast as for some people, they may want more than a bar for breakfast. Brazil nuts and almonds are incredibly nutritious and would pair nicely with the Blueberry GoMacro Macrobar. Check out the other flavors of vegan GoMacro Macrobars.

Orgain Pancake and Waffle Mix

What We Love: High in protein and taste, Orgain Pancake and Waffle Mix is create to prep on the weekend or when you have more time and then freeze the waffles/pancakes for an on-the-go vegan high protein breakfast when you need it most. The vegan pancakes and waffles are super tasty with a hefty smear of a nut butter or eaten plain with a piece of juicy fruit if you don’t have time to sit down and slather it in pure maple syrup …or you don’t want the mess!

Considerations: While the Orgain Pancake and Waffle Mix does require some prep and isn’t totally a ready to eat convenience food, the time you will save on those busy mornings is well worth it for a nourishing, “home cooked” like breakfast that’s ready in the freezer or pantry when you are.

Forager Os Cereal

What We Love: Think Cheerios but with less “stuff” like less sugar, no preservatives, and more natural goodness like protein from peas and naturally gluten free/grain free cassava root (a starchy potato like vegetable). This cereal is great for kids and adults alike looking for an on-the-go vegan breakfast alternative to your regular rotation. Simply add the Forager Os cereal into a trail mix with other nuts/seeds/dried fruit and nibble as you need or eat it as is with a cup of your favorite plant-based milk on the side… so like a spoon less vegan cold breakfast cereal option!

Considerations: If you don’t want small, pieces of a breakfast that are easy to drop in between the car seats or spill from the container, this may not be your vegan on-the-go breakfast option right now, and that’s ok!

Jack and Annie’s Savory Jack Sausages for your DIY Breakfast Sandwich

What We Love: If you’re partial to a savory breakfast, Jack and Annie’s Savory Jack Sausages (made from jackfruit) may be the right vegan on-the-go breakfast option for you. It’s easy to cook and put into a tortilla with a Just Egg patty and vegan cheese slice for the ultimate vegan savory on-the-go breakfast. With simple ingredients and 5 grams of plant-based protein, Jack and Annie’s Savory Jack Sausages are filling and nutritious.

Considerations: The packaging can be a bit misleading – there are only the sausages and you have to provide the bread/biscuit/vegan cheese/vegan egg/or any other sandwich fixings you’d like.

Gardein Breakfast Bowls

What We Love: Gardein Breakfast Bowls are savory and salty and totally satisfying for a breakfast away from home. If you want a vegan breakfast on-the-go and you have access to a microwave but not necessarily the whole kitchen to do prep/time to prepare, these vegan savory breakfast bowls could be a good option. With a satisfying 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, Gardein Breakfast bowls will help you tackle your longest morning to-do list without getting hangry from skipping breakfast or eating a vegan breakfast with too little protein/fiber.

Considerations: This vegan convenience breakfast doesn’t compromise taste but it does come in pretty salty with 890mg sodium per serving… which is about half of the recommended 2000mg sodium per day. So this may not be the best option for you if you have high blood pressure or are sensitive to salt in foods. It’s a good idea to drink a good bit of water when you choose any frozen food item (as they tend to have more sodium), and know that it may make you thirsty!

There you have it, eight convenience vegan breakfast foods for wherever your day may take you. It’s important to choose a food that fills you up not only with nutritional qualities, but one that gives you a level of satisfaction when you eat it. Which vegan on-the-go breakfast are you ready to try?

Breakfast Foods for Vegans On-The-Go

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