Ommie Snacks is based in the Twin City metro of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota after a mom of two discovered that her oldest son was severely allergic to nuts. When she couldn’t find a nut-free bar that met her requirements for both taste and nutrition, she decided to make her own! Ommie Snack Bars are free from the top 8 allergens and today we’re going to review the Cherry Chocolate flavor (which sounds delicious!) but if you want to jump ahead to get your hands on these allergen free vegan and gluten-free snack bars, check out Ommie Snack Bars HERE.

Before we get to the review, it’s important to note that Ommie Snacks is a smaller American owned and operated company that sells to local retailers and also online HERE. Claudia, the founder, was introduced to yoga by her mother at the young age of 8 years old in her native Colombia and the practice of yoga and meditation is what gave her the inspiration for the name Ommie (OM + Me). She had wanted to start a company in Colombia and even pursued entrepreneurship as a second degree but it wasn’t until moving to the United States, meeting her husband and having her eldest become severely allergic that she had her first idea for a sustainable business that she was passionate about. Ommie Snacks is a company that’s built on heart and grit but also provides nourishing vegan snacks without compromising quality or taste. So, let’s dive into today’s review of the Cherry Chocolate Ommie Snack Bar. The Ommie Bar is also available in Coconut Pineapple, Cranberry, and Lemon Poppy on Amazon or additional flavors including Apricot Chai, Banana, Coconut Pineapple, Coffee, and Coconut Carob on their website.

Taste Experience

My first bite of the vegan Ommie Cherry Chocolate Bar was surprising! I expected the bar to be dry and rather flavorless or taste similar to other fruit and seed bars I’ve had. However, because Ommie Bars do not contain dates but rather each bar has a different dried fruit base, this particular vegan snack bar exploded with the taste of cherry! It was perfectly perky, sweet, and delectable!

After the front notes of cherry and sweet fruit, the middle part of the taste tasted more like the sunflower seeds (the other main base ingredient) and finally with a finish of smooth chocolate, it was a slightly salty slightly sweet combination made in vegan snack bar heaven.

Before I get too carried away with the taste, let me tell you that I am not nut-free and I do regularly contain the top 8 allergens that Ommie avoids because I am lucky enough to tolerate them without problem. However, I have tried many allergen friendly bars and I can honestly say that none of them taste as wholesome, hand baked deliciousness as the Ommie Bars! My first reaction was, “oh shoot, I only have this flavor to try” because I honestly want to try them all now they are that good!

The semi-sweet chocolate chips are vegan and do not have sugar added. In fact, the entire bar doesn’t have added sugar (only the sugar present in the dried cherries and raisins). This helps maintain the sweet balance I think.

If you are in the market for an allergen free vegan snack bar (or just a vegan snack bar to change things up – no shame!), the Ommie gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free vegan snacks are a great option and I would probably buy more than one flavor after tasting the Cherry Chocolate, but the Cherry Chocolate Ommie Bar is a fantastic place to start!


Okie Dokie. Nutrition! My favorite part. Each Ommie Cherry Chocolate bar contains 160 calories with 70 of those calories coming from fat (hello sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds). Each bar has 8 grams of total fat (again, hello sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and cocoa butter) with only 2 grams of saturated fat (thanks to it being plant-based).

Each bar is relatively low in sodium with 65 mg of sodium. I think it’s just the perfect amount to help balance out the sweetness from the dried fruit. There is also a bit of potassium (150mg 4%) from the raisins. Sodium and potassium are both partially responsible for helping maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and it’s great to have a little bit of both in the bar.

The vegan Ommie Snack bar has 21 grams of total carbohydrate with 2 grams of fiber and 14 grams of sugar from the dried fruit. I would like to see more fiber in the bar, but honestly for the overall small size, this is still a respectable amount and fiber is definitely a good thing! And of course that would be fiber coming from whole food sources – that tends to have less side effects than fiber that’s isolated and then added into products.

Each vegan and allergen free bar has 3 grams of protein from the sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. It’s a bit of protein and perfectly acceptable for a snack but would not be satisfying or acceptable for a meal or a breakfast on the go. I do like how the bar relies on whole plant-based foods to provide the nutrition rather than add a protein powder of some kind that would most definitely alter the taste and texture of the vegan nutrition bar.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, the dried fruit and seeds help contribute to 8% of your iron needs in one bar (which is a pretty good dose!) and 25 of your calcium needs for the day. If you are ready to elevate your snacking to a whole food plant-based vegan allergen free snack bar like the nutrition you can find in the Ommie Bar, I would recommend checking them out today and experience the difference of a vegan nutrition bar without all the fillers and additives.

Parting Thoughts

Ommie vegan and allergen free snack bars are a newer product on the vegan bar marketplace but I think they will continue to make an impact given the heartwarming and passionate start from mom, Claudia. Aside from a heartwarming story and a family business that you can easily root for, the Ommie snack bars are insanely tasty and nutritious. The Cherry Chocolate Ommie vegan bar is the perfect combination of just sweet enough, just salty enough. The packaging is adorable and has a clean vibe to it while the bar itself is just b

ig enough to help fill up and meet your snacking needs but it’s also not too big that makes it hard to transport from place to place. I like to keep an Ommie bar in my desk and also in the back of our pantry (away from my husband lol) so I can be sure that they will be all mine and I won’t have to share the Ommie Bars! If you have an allergen free household or if you are looking for a tasty vegan nutrition bar, the Ommie Cherry Chocolate comes highly recommended and I would pick up a box and add it to your pantry today!

Ommie Bar Review – Cherry Chocolate

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