LÄRABAR started in the spring of 2000 when the founder, Lara, was on a hike in Colorado. She decided to combine simple wholesome flavors of fruits and nuts to create a delicious snack bar that was also good for you. After working with friends and family members, Lara created 4 original vegan flavors. Fast forward millions of LÄRABARS later and 24 flavors of the original bar later and the company continues to produce the same quality vegan and gluten free snack nutrition bars.

Aside from the original vegan and gluten free snack LÄRABARS, the company also manufacturers LÄRABAR bites and truffles (soooo decadent and delicious!), LÄRABAR fruits and greens, LÄRABAR Nut and Seed, LÄRABAR Organic with Superfoods, and LÄRABAR Kid. Today we’re reviewing one of the original four fruit and nut bar flavors, the vegan and gluten free Cashew Cookie! If you want to check out the highly rated and reviewed LÄRABAR fruit and nut bars on Amazon, head over there now.

Unwrapping LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie Plant-Based Vegan Gluten Free Nutrition Bar

Taste Experience

Do you like wholesome decadent simplicity? Then you will LOVE the first bite of LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie vegan fruit and nut bar. It’s sweet and nutty but simple and divine. Bite after bite delivers the perfect chewiness and perfect finely chopped nut experience to deliver an overall rich and quite honestly, cookie like experience. I don’t know that I’ve ever EVER been so excited about 2 wholesome foods together (dates and cashews). It almost seems too good to be true because it’s so simple and decadent but tastes like an indulgent treat! And sure, you could make a knock off similar one at home, but why when LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie vegan fruit and nut bars are affordable and easily available on Amazon.

Doesn’t this LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie Nutrition Bar look aahhh-mazing??! It is!


Each Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR has 220 calories which is absolutely perfect for a snack or afternoon treat. With 12 grams of fat and only 2.5 grams of saturated fat, the vegan fruit and nut snack bars are a healthy and satisfying snack that will help keep you full with healthy fats from the cashews.

LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie vegan fruit and nut bars are a low sodium snack food with only 5mg of sodium per bar! That’s crazy low and speaks highly of the company’s mission to keep the ingredients simple and wholesome and let the natural foods provide the nutrition that also tastes amazing.

Each Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR has 25 grams of total carbohydrate with 2 grams of fiber. The plant-based carbohydrates are coming from unsweetened dates. This is important to note because although dates are a dried fruit that contain carbohydrates for energy, the company does not add sugar to the plant-based fruit and nut bar. This makes LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie vegan fruit and nut bars an even better choice for an afternoon treat or an after dinner type dessert – sweet and wholesome!

The cashews help provide the 5 grams of plant-based protein per gluten free and vegan Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie. Five grams of plant-based protein isn’t a ton if you are looking for a meal replacement bar, but for a vegan snack or nutrition treat bar, this is going to be a great choice.

Again, each Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR contains only two ingredients: cashews and dates. The cashews provide the fat and protein while the dates provide the carbohydrates and micronutrients to helps sustain energy and meet your energy demands. Dates are a good source of potassium and iron and the vegan fruit and nut snack bars provide 8% of each mineral in the small snack bar – not bad at all!

If you want to uplevel your snacking with only 2 simple ingredients, definitely check out LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie Bar on Amazon!

LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie Plant-Based Vegan Gluten Free Nutrition Bar Nutrition Label and Ingredient List

The Non-Vegan Review

Larabars definitely have the shortest, simplest ingredients list out there. This particular Cashew Cookie bar only has two ingredients, dates and cashews. If you love dates and cashews, you’re going to love this Larabar. I especially love the cashew pieces in these bars. Gives the bar a nice texture and cuts down on the date flavor and pasty texture. You can’t go wrong with Larabars. They’ve been around forever, are wholesome and pure, and just good for you. You can get them on Amazon using this link. Thanks for checking this review out. Non-vegan husband out!

Parting Thoughts

Each vegan and gluten free Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR combines the highest quality plant-based ingredients to create a wholesome snack that you can feel good about eating. With only cashews and dates, there’s a level of transparency while noshing on a sweet treat. This is such a winning combination of flavors and textures that you will be waiting for snack time with the Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR available on Amazon. Keep one on hand when hunger comes knocking, when you’re on-the-go, or just when you want a healthy sweet treat without sacrificing your nutrition.

LÄRABAR Vegan Fruit and Nut Bar Review – Cashew Cookie

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