Are Raisins Vegan? YES! Now, why would you want to eat them??

Raisins are dried grapes that can have slight variations across brands and regions of the world depending on the type of grape used in production. Unlike wine that may use animal products as part of the filtration system, the same is not true when making raisins. The grapes are first pre-treated with a wash that usually contains potassium carbonate to help the grapes dry faster and preserve their color. During the drying process, the vegan grapes can be dried mechanically (usually a faster, more controlled environment) or by the sun (more unpredictability with pests and insects). Most raisins available on the market are mechanically dried to help maintain consistency.

After the drying process is completed, the now raisins (still vegan) are cleaned with water to remove any residue but also help rehydrate just a bit here (but not to the point that they are mushy). There is no additional process that may involve animal products like in the formation of wine….which means, eat your raisins!

Raisins are a good source of fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, and boron and can help fill in the nutritional gaps of you day with a 1/4 cup serving. So it doesn’t have to be a ton to help give you a considerable boost. These micronutrients are extremely valuable to anyone with an active lifestyle (raisins are a great on-the-road snack!)

If you’re looking to add this antioxidant heavy fruit into your day, I suggest pairing it with protein (nuts, nut butter) to help keep you full. Pick up juicy plump raisins today and rejoice in this vegan snack!

Are Raisins Vegan?

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