Believe it or not, there are actually very few gluten-free vegan commercially produced breads available. Many gluten-free breads use egg as a binder and to help with the texture but obviously eggs are not vegan friendly. If you’re making your own gluten-free bread at home, it’s much easier to make it vegan as it doesn’t need to have as long of a shelf life as the vegan gluten-free breads in the store. Today, as a vegan plant-based registered dietitian, I wanted to share with you my top three vegan gluten-free breads that I tend to recommend most often to clients. They are cruelty-free and gluten-free but they are full of satisfying flavor and texture while being nutritionally dense as well. Each bread featured has some fiber (some breads have more than others) and plant-based protein to keep you full and satisfied. Whether you’re using the gluten-free vegan bread to make a sandwich, french toast, or a grilled cheese, these options won’t let you down! They are great to store in the freezer so they stay fresher and toast better but also this ensures that you always have quick gluten-free bread available whenever you need it! Comment below with any questions you may have and I can’t wait until you sink your teeth into these gluten-free vegan breads!

3 Best Vegan Gluten-Free Breads

3. Food For Life’s Organic Brown Rice Bread

What We Love: Food for Life makes many vegan high quality bread products. While most of their products contain wheat, they do have some gluten-free options including their Organic Brown Rice Bread. With only 10 ingredients, this is the vegan gltuen-free bread you’ll want if you’re focused on clean, simple, and wholesome vegan ingredients. Find Food For Life’s Organic Brown Rice Bread HERE. 

Considerations: Food For Life’s Organic Brown Rice Bread only has 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein, which is a considerable amount less then the others on this list but it also has fewer potential allergens with a shorter ingredient list.

2. Food For Life’s Organic Sprouted Flax Bread

What We Love: Another high quality vegan bread product from Food For Life but this organic gluten-free sprouted flax bread is much higher in fiber than the previous organic brown rice bread with 4 grams of fiber compared to only 1 gram in the first bread option. The gluten-free bread is made of a quinoa, chia seed, and millet combination which creates a super tasty and uniquely healthy gluten-free vegan bread choice. The thinner slices are great for sandwiches and grilled cheese when you want to slices and you want to be able to get the entire gluten-free vegan bread in your mouth! While the ingredients are still wholesome and 100% plant-based, you will find a longer ingredient list that with the organic brown rice bread. However, this bread has a better taste and texture in general. Check out Food For Life’s Organic Sprouted Flax Bread HERE. 

Considerations: This Food For Life Organic Sprouted Bread is kept in the freezer section of the grocery store and tends to be more expensive than most breads – but then again, you’re paying for quality vegan and gluten-free ingredients!

1. BFree Gluten-Free Brown Seeded Vegan Sandwich Bread

What We Love: BFree is a newer gluten-free bread based company with vegan and gluten-free breads and wraps primarily. This brown seeded sandwich bread is thicker than the Food For Life breads but still soft and tender unless toasted. With 3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein, BFree gluten-free brown seeded sandwich bread is a stellar vegan choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. BFree Breads freeze well like other breads and when frozen, the slices don’t stick together as they can with other breads (which means you can get one slice off easily!). Find BFree Gluten-Free Vegan Sandwich Bread HERE. 

Considerations: The slice is thicker and larger in size compared to the Food for Life gluten-free vegan breads, so if you’re looking for a thinner, smaller piece of bread, BFree Gluten-Free Brown Seeded Vegan Sandwich Bread is not going to be the best option for you. 

These three vegan gluten-free breads are my favorite to recommend to vegan clients needing gluten-free options – so I hope you enjoy as well. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below. And I’m curious, what is your favorite vegan gluten-free bread?? Was it featured or did we miss it?? Let us know and we’d love to try it for ourselves if we haven’t already – plus it’s a great way to continue to share the vegan and gluten-free love!

Best Vegan Gluten-Free Bread

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