Sometimes you want to get creative in the kitchen and you have all the time in the world to create delicious and inspiring vegan meals. Perhaps even dive into Vegan Indian cooking. And then other times you want to just quickly whip up some vegan Indian goodness. …or perhaps you don’t have enough Indian spices at home to create a vegan meal. Whatever your reason, this is a roundup of the best six vegan tikka masalas that you can buy!

6 Best Vegan Tikka Masalas

6. Rani Tikka Masala Indian 7-Spice Blend 3oz 

What We Love: Rani Tikka Masala is not an actual sauce but a spice blend that you could dry rub on tofu, tempeh, or vegetables or add into coconut milk or unsweetened soy milk to make your own vegan tikka masala sauce. That makes Rani Tikka Masala a delicious shelf stable spice that’s versatile, inexpensive, and is better for the environment. It’s Vegan, gluten-free, and made of quality spices. Find Rani Tikka Masala HERE.

Considerations: If you’re looking for a sauce, this is not it. Rani Tikka Masala is a spice blend that would require you to add your own liquid like coconut milk. Still delicious but not a pre-made sauce.

5. Khazana ORGANIC Indian Simmer Sauce Variety Pack – 6 x 12.7oz Jars

What We Love: Khazana simmer sauce variety pack gives you an authentic flavor with variety! These vegan ready to serve sauce is great with cooked tofu or vegetables. They are also great simply with naan dipped into it. Khazana Simmer Sauces can be found HERE. Which one will be your favorite??

Considerations: If you’re looking for just tikka masala, this one has a few other varieties for you to try. And although they have names that include meat, the sauces are 100% vegan but are the familiar flavors you would taste in those traditional dishes.

4. Nummy Nibbles Indian Cooking,Simmer Sauces Variety 3 Pack (Tikka Masala, Kolhapuri, Malabar)

What We Love: Nummy Nibbles is another variety pack to give you a flavor explosion. The tikka masala is creamy and flavorful along with vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free as many of the other sauces. You can whip up your favorite dishes in no time with these small batch sauces made in the USA. Find Nummy Nibbles HERE. 

Considerations: If you’re looking for just a tikka masala, you can look further on this list for Nummy Nibbles vegan Tikka Masala sauce but this is a fun way to try 3 tasty Indian sauces that are all exceptionally made with quality ingredients.

3. Brooklyn Delhi Tikka Masala – Indian Simmer Sauce

What We Love: Brooklyn Delhi’s Tikka Masala sauce is vegan, gluten-free, and made of premium ingredients. The fresh aromatic sauce will have you drooling in the 2 minutes it takes to create a meal with this ready-made sauce. The natural ingredients are just what you’ve been craving and who needs take out when you have Brooklyn Delhi’s delicious sauce available HERE. 

Considerations: There is a bit of separation in the jars because Brooklyn Delhi doesn’t use any stabilizers or gums but it’s totally fine, normal, and still vegan deliciousness!

2. Sukhi’s Gluten-Free Tikka Masala Sauce

What We Love: Sukhi’s is a household name in terms of creating delicious Indian meals at home that are ready to eat. Many of the sauces and meals are not vegan but their gluten-free tikka masala sauce is vegan, nut-free, and natural without artificial additives or preservatives. This bold sauce is ready for your vegan meal! Find Sukhi’s Tikka Masala sauce HERE.

Considerations: There is quite a bit of salt in Sukhi’s Tikka Masala sauce as there is in many pre-made sauces but it’s delicious and well worth it as long as you don’t have high blood pressure.

1. Nummy Nibbles Tikka Masala Indian Cooking Sauce

What We Love: We clearly love Nummy Nibbles as their cooking sauces made our list twice. This Tikka Masala sauce is vegan without any added sugars. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, and made of warm nutmeg and spices against a tangy robust tomato sauce. Truly mouthwatering ingredients that will have dinner on your table in no time! Nosh on Nummy Nibbles Tikka Masala HERE.

Considerations: If you like Indian flavors, why just check out one sauce?? Nummy Nibbles variety pack (featured above on this list) will be your answer!

There you have it, the best 6 vegan tikka masala sauces! You may not be vegan, but even so, these are just outstanding Indian sauces without any milk, dairy, cream, or animal products. Create a quick Indian meal at home in a matter of minutes with these sauces and spices. Which one do you plan on trying first??

6 Best Vegan Tikka Masalas to Buy

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