There are a lot of almond butters out there. Some contain honey and are not vegan. Some are vegan but still contain palm oil or a bunch of added sugar. If you’re looking for a palm oil free, no added sugar almond butter (aka the healthiest kind for you), I’ve wrapped up the best 6 almond butters. Oh, by the way, I’m a vegan plant-based registered dietitian so I know a thing or two about nutrition and plant-based eating! PS – even if you like a bit of sweetness in your almond butter, you’re better to add your own sweetener most of the time.

5 Best Vegan Almond Butters

5. Spread the Love Almond Butter

What We Love: Spread the Love Almond Butter is great for drizzling and dipping if you like a thinner consistency. It’s made in a peanut free facility if you have a peanut allergy or sensitivity, which is really great. With almonds being the only ingredient, you’ll get a high protein plant-based spread that’s wholesome and hearty.

Considerations: For the same reason we love it, you may want to leave it…that’s right, the thinner consistency of Spread the Love Almond Butter is not for everyone but if you like drool worthy Instagram pictures with drizzled nut butter, Spread the Love is your jam.

4. Amazon Brand Happy Belly Almond Butter

What We Love: Without any palm oil or sugar, Amazon Brand Happy Belly Almond Butter is a minimalist almond butter made with dry roasted almonds. This one does have a bit more of a roasted taste and less of a raw almond flavor.

Considerations: Amazon Brand Happy Belly Almond Butter is also very, very liquidy and doesn’t have a filler or binder to make it thicker. I also think that slower roasting of the almonds creates a bit thicker of a product, but I don’t know that for sure.

3. Georgia Grinders NaturAlmond Almond Butter

What We Love: Made in small batches, Georgia Grinders makes a phenomenal farm to jar product. The roasting process is slow and deliberate and it comes across in the taste! They started with locally grown peanuts and have expanded their nut butter line into more delicious options!

Considerations: If you don’t live in the Southeast, Georgia Grinders NaturAlmond Almond Butter may be a bit harder to find when you’re out shopping.


2. Kirkland Signature Almond Butter

What We Love: The size! Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter is large and in charge for all of your almond butter loveliness. The size also makes it a more economical option than some other brands. With only almonds as the ingredient, you’re choosing to eat simply and healthy as almonds are a great source of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E (along with fiber and protein of course).

Considerations: Similar to Spread the Love Almond Butter, for all the reasons we love Kirkland Signature Almond Butter, the size may be too big for your household. Also, you may enjoy a dab of salt in your almond butter.

1. 365 Everyday Value Almond Butter

What We Love: 365 Everyday Value Almond Butter from Whole Foods is indeed a great value and price point and the taste is truly something special. This vegan almond butter also only has dry roasted almonds but it has a warm nutty taste with a thin but not super super runny consistency and a texture where you can slightly feel the almonds – so it’s not ground into a pure liquid like some other brands. They also have a bit of extra room on top so when you give it a good couple stirs at the beginning, you won’t get oil everywhere (you know what I mean if you’ve been around the nut butter world long enough!).

Considerations: If you don’t like runny almond butter, try tipping 365 Everyday Value Almond Butter upside down or storing in the fridge (does not require refrigeration) for best results and this will also prevent it getting too super runny.

5 Best Vegan Almond Butters

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