Here at The Vegan’s Pantry, we support racial equality and stand in solidarity with the Black community and alongside those advocating to end injustice. As many of us are looking for ways to enact change and support organizations in the movement, one of the simplest ways you can support is by supporting Black products, cookbooks, and small-businesses as when you support a small-business, you support a family. Support Black families and small-businesses with the below 5 products. There are obviously many more, but these are some of our favorites. If you have others you’d like to mention, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

5 Black-Owned Vegan Products

5. Ageless Vegan: The Secret to Living a Long and Healthy Plant-Based Life Kindle Edition by Tracye McQuirter

Ageless Vegan is from Tracye McQuirter and her mother. The book is filled with a step-by-step guide on going more plant-based for looking radiant for years to come and includes building a better vegan pantry. Our favorite part of this vegan black-authored book is the section with 100 recipes that will make your mouth water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find Ageless Vegan HERE.

4. Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed by Bryant Terry

This stunning cookbook will give you Caribbean, African, and Southern flavors with his own unique twist. It’s not the book if you want to cook authentically, but it is the book if you want to add a fresh vegan twist to cultural foods. If you’re new to veganism or plant-based eating, this cookbook has recipes that are a bit more involved and would be best with someone who enjoys cooking and spending a decent amount of time in the kitchen. Check out Afro-Vegan HERE.

3. Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion by Taymer Mason

If you are looking for more traditional Caribbean meals and flavors, this is the black-authored cookbook for you. It’s especially great as a gift to the vegan cook in your life or the person who just wants to go a bit more plant-based. Find Caribbean Vegan HERE.

2. Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul : A Cookbook by Jenne Claiborne 

This is absolutely one of our favorite black-owned family small businesses. Jenne Claiborne started on YouTube with a channel by the same name (Sweet Potato Soul) and has morphed into a vegan mega-brand. She’s so down to earth, relatable, and all of the recipes are spot on. This is a vegan cookbook to have on your coffee table as well as mucked up in the kitchen as you’ll be using it so much. If you’re looking for black-owned businesses to support, start with these amazing recipes in Sweet Potato Soul HERE.

1. VeganSmart Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder

If you are at all considering vegan or plant-based protein powders, let it be from VeganSmart. VeganSmart Protein powder is from two college friends who have been changing the natural food landscape for years. The black-owned business owners were stunned when they had family members passing away from chronic diseases at high rates but no health foods were being marketed to them. They were determined to change that and their vegan protein powder can be found online but also in stores like CVS and Walgreens where there are more food deserts. This company has been aiming to give back to local communities since they started and even recently Magic Johnson invested in this powerful black-owned business. And if you’re wondering how VeganSmart protein powder tastes, let’s just say there are over 750 positive reviews on Amazon and with a complete vegan protein with minimal added ingredients, it’s most definitely a win.

There you have it…. five black-owned business to buy products from. It might not seem like much but you have a lot of power in how you choose to spend your money and investing in diversity in business is good for everyone. Feel free to post other vegan black-owned businesses or products below.

5 Black Owned Vegan Products to Buy Now

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