Wild Friends Nut Butters was born when two college friends and roommates wanted nut butter on a rainy afternoon but neither one wanted to bike in the rain, so they decided to blend their own concoction and Wild Friend Nut Butters was born! Made with sustainable and local ingredients like USA grown almonds and peanuts and without the fillers like lots of sugar or palm oil. The Wild Friends Nut Butter collection has grown since it’s inception to include various almond butters, peanut butters, hazelnut butters, and sunflower seed butters for a total of almost 20 flavors including their seasonal fan favorites (PS Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter is one of my favorites!).

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Chocolate Almond Butter. The Chocolate Almond Butter comes in 16oz jars or single serving squeeze packets (with 2 tablespoons each). I like both sizes available on Amazon for a couple different reasons… The single serve packets are great for throwing into my work bag, lunch bag, or taking on road trips/longer travel and the jar is great when I’m going through it fairly quickly to produce less waste. PS – have you ever made overnight oats with the remainder last little bit of a nut butter container?? If not, you are seriously missing out and Wild Friends makes it very easy to do that ….so it’s pretty much like eat as fast as you can just to get to the bottom of the jar. 😉 Let’s see how the taste and nutrition of this nut butter stacks up…

Check out Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter HERE on Amazon or keep reading for our review!

Taste Experience

Wild Friends dry roasts the nuts and then blends the nut butters in small batches and boy oh boy does it show! The almond butter is double ground which takes a bit longer on the processing side of things but lemme tell you, Wild Friends nut butter is luxuriously creamy and smooth – which isn’t always the case – especially for almond butter! The rich chocolate swirled into the earthy roasted almonds is a match made in nut butter heaven. I almost thing I like the chocolate and almond combination more than peanut and chocolate after this nut butter.

Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter is one of those nut butters that doesn’t need bread, crackers, or fruit; you can eat the nut butter straight out of the single serve packet or dig in with a spoon. Some nut butters leave a dry mouth feel from being dry roasted but the combination of the dry roasted almonds, unsweetened dark chocolate, organic cane sugar, and sea salt makes this a seriously award winning combination.

I will say, if you like thick nut butters, this is not the one for you (or store in the fridge). Because Wild Friends doesn’t use excess palm oil or sugar as a stabilizer and solidifier, the nut butter is pretty drizzly in texture. I personally love this and I’m just sure to stir up really well if spreading on a piece of toast as the firmer nut butter will sink to the bottom (with more of the salt).

I like that the chocolate is vegan (some chocolate based nut butters use milk/dairy products) but the lack of dairy is not missed (is it ever though??). The chocolate is rich and overall the nut butter is slightly sweet – not near as sweet as Peanut Butter and Company’s Chocolate Nut Butters or other brands I’ve tried. Personally, this is one of my favorite parts about the taste in general. I have a sweet tooth but not for a candy bar…just for a little hit of sweet and often times a piece of fruit nips the sweet tooth but when I want chocolate, I typically gravitate towards a few vegan chocolate chips (like Enjoy Life or Simply by Nestle – that one is newly vegan) and a couple nuts or dried fruit and now I can just take a scoop of this delicious Chocolate Almond Butter from Wild Friends! Stock up on Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter on Amazon or check out the other flavor varieties (there’s a bunch!)


Each two tablespoon serving of Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter contains 180 calories with most of that coming from the 14 grams of fat (1.5 grams of saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fat). So, the caloric content is similar to many other nut butters with a similar serving size and it’s important to note that just because there is a considerable amount of fat, most of the fat is unsaturated and is a healthy fat to help your body regulate hormones and keep you satisfied.

In that same serving size, there is only 25mg of sodium – this is much lower than many other nut butters. I’ve been vegan for over 10 years and a dietitian for even longer and I’ve definitely eaten my way around nut butters (or certainly looking at different brands) and this is by far one of the lowest sodium nut butter options out there. Aside from the flavor varieties that just don’t add any salt, this is about as good as it gets! Personally, I think a little dash of salt helps balance out the taste of the roasted nuts and subtle sweetness of the chocolate and cane sugar. If you like saltier nut butters, you could certainly add more but I’m glad that Wild Friends doesn’t – we get so much salt in other foods.

There’s 11 grams of total carbohydrate with 3 grams of fiber from the almonds to help keep you full in between meals (if eating the nut butter as a snack) and 6 grams of sugar with 5 grams of added sugar. To put how little this is into perspective, JIF Creamy Natural Peanut Butter has 4 grams of total sugar with 2 grams of added sugar – and that’s in peanut butter that’s marketed as “healthy” and Peanut Butter and Co Dark Chocolate Dreams has 7 grams of sugar with 6 grams of added sugar (plus both of these contain palm oil). So by and large, although this is considered a sweet nut butter, Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter is still lower in sugar than many other varieties.

When it comes to protein, there is 6 grams of protein per two tablespoons – which comparable to any other almond butter. This also tells us that Wild Friends doesn’t use a lot of added ingredients in their vegan Chocolate Almond Butter.

Almonds are a naturally good source of iron, calcium, and potassium so in 2 tablespoons of Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter, there is 6% of your calcium needs for the day, 8% of your iron needs (both are very important for vegans and vegetarians), and 4% of your potassium needs (chocolate also contains potassium).

Overall, this is a well balanced, healthy snack paired with a banana, a piece of toast, or just eaten as is with a spoon. One of my favorite ways to eat Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter is drizzled over popcorn! Check out Wild Friends on Amazon and discover your favorite way to eat Chocolate Almond Butter!

Parting Thoughts

Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter is rich, chocolately and decadent without being overly sweet. With 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, this nut butter makes a fantastic vegan snack or healthy treat even if you aren’t vegan/vegetarian! The single serve packets like I have in this review would also be a great option to throw into lunch boxes, work bags, or travel bags for a well balance on the go snack. Experiment with different ways to eat it, but again I really love drizzling it over popcorn or on top of a vegan graham cracker. How do you plan on eating it?? Comment below and let me know and then check out Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter HERE and get ready for flavor explosion in your mouth!

Wild Friends Nut Butter Review – Chocolate Almond Butter

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