Starbursts are one of America’s most loved candies but if you’ve adapted a vegan lifestyle, you may be wondering…are starbursts vegan?

First let’s take a closer look at Starburst Ingredients….

Starburst Ingredients

Starbursts contain the following ingredients:


corn syrup

hydrogenated palm oil

citric acid

king sugar

tapioca dextrin


modified corn starch

fruit juices from concentrate

natural and artificial flavors

Gelatin….ding ding ding…then magic word we look for in a sticky type of candy. Gelatin is made from the collagen of animal parts to help a food hold it’s form. Gelatin can be made from pigs, beef, or chicken but is never vegan and always includes animal parts.

Therefore, Starbursts are not vegan and do contain animal products (gelatin).

If you’re looking for a similar fruity, chewy candy, Skittles may be an option for you as skittles do not contain gelatin and are a vegan candy.

Hope you found that helpful and be sure to check out my other posts that answer all of these types of questions and deep dive into product reviews (I am a dietitian afterall!)

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Are Starbursts Vegan?

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