Are you looking for a vegan protein powder that’s great for smoothies?? You know, one that doesn’t make the smoothie taste like crap and also blends well into everything?? Well, as a plant-based registered dietitian, I definitely know my way around the smoothie world and protein powders are my jam so you’re in for a real treat! Check out the 8 vegan protein powders for smoothies below.

8. Anthony’s Pea Protein Powder 

What we love: If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward protein powder to add into your smoothies, Anthony’s non-GMO pea protein is a great solution. It doesn’t have additives of any kinds and is only the pea protein isolate. This type of protein powder would be great in smoothies or homemade protein bars. Check out Anthony’s Pea Protein HERE. 

Considerations: If you’re looking for a protein powder that is creamy and not chalky and provides more flavor, Anthony’s vegan pea protein is likely not the best option for you.

7. Genius Vegan Protein Powder

What we love: This protein powder also uses pea protein as the base but has a few more additives to make it a smooth vegan protein powder to add into smoothies. It’s a creamy protein powder if you are really trying to avoid the chalkiness of some vegan protein powders. Check out Genius Vegan Protein Powder HERE. 

Considerations: If you’re looking for a protein powder that is more superfood and whole food based for your vegan smoothies, Genius is not that option.

6. Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake – Coconut Almond

What we love: The coconut almond flavor of the Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake is suburb for smoothies because it adds a unique “take me to the tropics” flair that is refreshing for smoothies compared to the standard chocolate or vanilla flavored vegan protein powders. Vega One Organic is organic, non-GMO, and made with a ton of different fruits and vegetables to not only provide a bunch of protein (20 grams per serving) but a ton of vitamins and minerals as well. You can find Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake in the Coconut Almond flavor HERE. 

Considerations: Vega is a brand that people either love or hate and so depending on where you sit on that spectrum, that may be a consideration for you in choosing this vegan protein powder.

5. Blue Diamond Almonds Almond Protein Powder

What we love: Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder is another simple protein powder that’s great to add into smoothies and mixes with a variety of flavors depending on what you’re using in your smoothie. Almond Protein Powder is a natural source of many vitamins and minerals and can help nutritionally round out your smoothie with iron, calcium, and vitamin E (all naturally present in almonds). If you’re looking for a minimalist approach to the vegan protein powder you add into your smoothies, Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder HERE is a great option.

Considerations: If you are looking for a vegan protein powder that has more to it than just protein and you want additional vitamins and minerals, choose an alternative.

4. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder – Unflavored

What we love: Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder has 160 calories and 30 grams of vegan protein in 2 scoops with all essential amino acids so you can be sure that the protein you’re consuming is bioavailable and easily digestible in your smoothie. This becomes increasingly important if you add a bunch of things to your smoothie and you have a sensitive gut. The unflavored option is great because it mixes into a variety of smoothie flavor profiles so you don’t have to have a bunch of different vegan protein powders on hand for those chocolate smoothies or those fruity smoothies. Check out Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder HERE. 

Considerations: Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder does have a bit of chalkiness since there is no flavor like vanilla or chocolate to cover the protein powder taste but if you add enough fruits and vegetables into your smoothie, you won’t notice.

3. PlantFusion Plant-Based Pea Protein Powder

What we love: PlantFusion contains 120 calories and 25 grams of plant-based protein per serving with omega-3 fatty acids and whole foods to help you meet your nutrition needs in a breakfast smoothie or afternoon smoothie. PlantFusion also contains digestive enzymes if you need help digesting a lot of protein at once. Find PlantFusion Plant-Based Pea Protein Powder HERE. 

Considerations: There are no artificial sweeteners, binders, or gums but there is stevia and inulin. Inulin is a type of fiber that doesn’t agree with everyone’s digestive tracts, especially if eating a high fiber diet. Stevia is a natural sweetener that does have a distinctive taste to some people.

2. Birdman Falcon Protein Powder

What we love: Aside from stellar packaging (anyone else love good packaging?!), Birdman Falcon Protein Powder has 120 calories and 22 grams of protein that dissolves well into liquids and smoothies. It has more of a neutral taste profile and won’t over power other ingredients you add to your smoothie. Birdman has a few unique ingredients that make it ahead of other vegan protein powder options. 

Considerations: Birdman contains stevia which some people are not the biggest fan of and may be a consideration when thinking about Birdman Falcon Protein Powder as a vegan protein powder for your smoothie.

1. KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

What we love: KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein powder is non-GMO, easily digestible and tastes great in lots of different smoothie scenarios. Personally I prefer the vanilla because I think it’s more flavor neutral but the chocolate is a great alternative as well. The protein is clean and bioavailable and the digestive enzymes can be helpful. See more of KOS Organic Vegan Protein Powder’s benefits HERE.

Considerations: KOS is a bit on the pricier end and may be a consideration for you depending on your vegan protein powder budget.

There you have it, 8 great vegan protein powder options for your vegan smoothies. These protein powders are diverse with some being more simple and straightforward and others including more whole foods and added vitamins and minerals. Regardless of what type of vegan protein powder you’re looking to add into your smoothies, you should be able to find it on this list above. If we missed a vegan protein powder you’d add to the list for your smoothies, comment below and let us know!

8 Vegan Protein Powders for Smoothies

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