Shanti Protein Bars started in Miami, FL when two workout friends bonded over high quality plant-based nutrition and the love of exercising. They wanted to easily add superfoods to their diet but were surprised that no protein bar or nutrition bar contained these superfood ingredients. Soon, they created Shanti Bars with 10-17 grams of plant-based protein in each bar PLUS a hefty dose of a unique superfood like turmeric, goji berries, spiruluna, and maca.

The vegan protein superfood bars are available in nine unique flavors. One of the best sellers is the mango cashew turmeric Shanti Bar flavor available on Amazon. We opted for this flavor because it is a popular option but also because turmeric is all the rage in terms of reducing inflammation. I don’t know about you, but I am all about including superfoods on a more regular basis. Not only because of their potential benefits, but because many of them are just plain fun! I will say, turmeric is the leader of the superfood pack because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties and this Mango Cashew Shanti Protein Bar is an awesome way to eat it without having to turn your fingers orange chopping it on your own! Check out the Recover Mango Cashew Shanti Bar on Amazon HERE.

Taste Experience

Do you like warming spices you’d find in a Chai tea – cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom? Lots of cardamom. A flavor explosion ignited with rich exotic spices but in a comforting protein bar. That’s a lot like what the Mango Cashew Shanti Bar tastes like.

The bar is a deep yellow orange color with brown undertones; it’s clear there’s a lot of turmeric and protein powder in this vegan protein bar. However, unlike cooking with turmeric, the bar doesn’t stain clothes, cutting boards, or your fingers (a huge bonus if you ask me). I’m amazed that this bar has a significant amount of protein because the Indian inspired spices are fragrant and bold to overpower the taste of any protein powder.

I really love the uniqueness of the Shanti Superfood Protein Bar – the texture is similar to other soft protein bars with specs of whole foods like goji berries and chia seeds but the flavor is so bold and refreshing! I really love this bar in the morning or in the mid-afternoon with tea. If you are sick and tired of chocolate and chocolate peanut butter protein bars and you like Chai type spices, I encourage you to check out the Mango Cashew Shanti Protein Bar HERE.


Each  Mango Cashew Shanti Protein Bar has 240 calories which is perfect for a snack, post-workout refuel, or as part of a nourishing breakfast.

With 9 grams of fat and only 1 gram of saturated fat and no trans fat, the vegan Shanti Protein Bars are a great heart-healthy choice. Unlike some protein bars that are loaded with sodium, the Recover Mango Cashew Shanti Superfood Bar has only 35 grams of sodium per bar to really steps up the heart healthy benefits.

Each 2oz vegan protein bar has 24 grams of carbohydrates with 4 grams of fiber to help energize and refuel while keeping you satisfied and sustained longer. There are 15 grams of sugar in each Mango Cashew Shanti Bar from plant-based fruits including dates, mangoes, goji berries, and grape juice. The bar does not contain other sweeteners, sugars, or syrups. If you are looking a true whole food based vegan protein bar, Shanti Bar is a bar you can trust.

The protein bar packs an outstanding amount of protein; each Shanti Superfood Mango Cashew Bar has 17 grams of plant-based protein! The first ingredient is organic brown rice protein but you’d never guess it from the overall taste! The only protein containing ingredients are cashews and chia seeds which would provide minimal additional protein. 17 grams of vegan protein in a small package is a great way to help meet your protein needs if you’re working out, traveling, in a pinch, or you just want some plant-based protein that tastes good!

Shanti’s primary goal is to provide plant-based protein with superfoods and this Mango Cashew Turmeric protein bar has of course turmeric, goji berries, and chia seeds that are all incredibly nutrient dense with a multitude of anti-inflammatory properties. We don’t know exactly how much turmeric is in each bar, but judging but the overall taste and color, my guess is a considerable amount.

All in all, I cannot tell you how amazing these bars on in terms of bold spices and exceptional nutrition. If you are looking for a fun new flair to your plant-based protein bar regiment, I strongly recommend the Recover Mango Cashew Turmeric Shanti Superfood Protein Bar.

The Non-Vegan Review

We also reviewed the Shanti Revitalize Goldenberry Bar that has goldenberry in it as it’s superfood. Not totally sure I know what goldenberry is, but I have heard of turmeric before. So when my wife handed me the Shati Mango Cashew Turmeric Bar, I honestly wasn’t excited. Turmeric did not seem to go in a plant-based protein bar!  But of course, my dietitian wife was insistent that I try it because she swore it tasted like the Chai Teas I love down the street at a local coffee/tea shop. And…the verdict?? My wife was right (as per usual I suppose). But yes, the Shanti Revitalize Goldenberry Bar is unique but it’s also crave worthy. The warm nutty spices make it feel like a Chai cookie bar treat situation vs another vegan protein bar my wife wants me to eat. Get your hands on the plant-based protein Shanti Bar in the Mango Cashew Turmeric flavor and you’ll see what I mean!

Parting Thoughts

If you are looking to recover post-workout or you just want to start including more anti-inflammatory superfoods like turmeric into your day, the Mango Cashew Turmeric Shanti Superfood Protein Bar is the perfect way to do that. If you’ve ever cooked with turmeric, you know it can stain clothes, cutting boards, your fingers and nails. With a pill turmeric supplement, you don’t know how much processing went into it. With the Shanti Superfood Vegan Protein Bars, you know that you’re consuming raw ingredients in their natural state plus you’re consuming a considerable amount of plant-based protein (17 grams to be exact) to refuel, recharge, and tackle the world. Support this small Florida company and this vegan review website by buying Shanti Superfood Protein Bars.

Shanti Bar Review – The Superfood Vegan Protein Bar – Recover Mango Cashew Turmeric

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