Bobo’s launched in 2003 during a mother and daughter baking afternoon. The loveable and humble oat bars started appearing in their local coffee shops and eventually the demand grew into the lovable Bobo’s Oat Bars company that now offers vegan and gluten-free oat bars across the United States.

Bobos’ Oat Bars are committed to small batch cooking (a huge plus) and wholesome, hearty, simple ingredients that taste like home baked goods. The company has expanded beyond Bobo’s Oat Bars into stuffed bars (with peanut or almond butter) and Bobo’s Bites.

Let’s take a closer look at the original product, the Bobo’s Oat Bar in the Original flavor. However, if you like variety, Bobo’s Oat Bars have you covered as the vegan oat bars are available in fifteen flavors!  You can choose from Original, Coconut, Cranberry Orange, Banana Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Peach, Maple Pecan, Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Apple Pie, PB + J, and Gingerbread. Because Bobo’s Oat Bars are hearty and wholesome, I generally like them as a breakfast on-the-go option or a snack option slathered with nut butter. Let’s see how the Original Bobo’s Oat Bar stacks up by continuing to read our review or check the nutrition bars out on Amazon.

Taste Experience

With a simple tear of the package I’m greeted with the pleasant smell of warm and toasty oats with a sprinkle of sweetener. It certainly smells and looks like something homemade, not like a nutrition bar from a company. The smell and look of the wholesome bar are enough to want to dig in immediately!

The first bite is soft, chewy, wholesome, and slightly sweet with the hearty taste of oats in every consecutive bite. It has such a neutral but equally wonderful taste that I could see this going with fruit, nuts/seeds, nut butters, coffee, tea, or on its own. Overall, it’s simple and delicious!

The bar can get slightly crumbly but for the most part it sticks together well and isn’t dry or powdery. It reminds me of a homemade banana bread, but without the banana flavor. Just that wholesome hearty goodness you can find on Amazon.


Before we get into the nutrition of Bobo’s Vegan and Gluten-Free Oat Bars Original Flavor, let me tell you about the serving size. It’s a bit misleading as the vegan bar comes in a single unit wrapped package but the nutrition label refers to the serving size being half the bar. The bar is not that large in comparison to other nutrition or protein bars and much smaller than coffee house breads and pastries so you can eat half or the whole bar depending on your individual needs and hunger level, but that’s the first thing to keep in mind.

In each half bar you’ll find 180 calories (so 360 calories in the whole oat bar) with only 60 of those calories coming from fat. There are six total grams of fat with four and a half grams of saturated fat from the coconut oil. Since the gluten-free oat bar is vegan and plant-based, there is no cholesterol and half of the vegan nutrition bar only has 75 milligrams of sodium.

There are 29 grams of total carbohydrate in half the bar and 58 grams of carbohydrate in the entire bar. If you’re eating an entire Bobo’s Oat Bar for breakfast, this is an appropriate amount of carbohydrates and calories but if you’re eating the bar as a snack or as a part of a meal, this may be more than you’re anticipating and more than you need at that time. If you’re consuming the vegan oat bar as a treat, the number of carbohydrates in the oat bar is likely less than in other desserts. Or, if you are an active individual, you may require more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not to be feared or restricted though. Plus, keep in mind the oats provide a great source of fiber and each half Oat Bar has 2 grams of fiber or a total of 4 grams of fiber in the whole vegan nutrition bar.This fiber will help stabilize your blood sugars and help keep you satisfied.

Each half of Bobo’s Oat Bar Original Flavor has three grams plant-based protein (from the oats) or six grams of total protein in the entire bar. which is comparable to the amount of protein in one egg. Unlike many protein and nutrition bars, Bobo’s does not add a plant-based protein isolate but rather relies on whole food ingredients to great a simple yet refined product.

Oats are naturally nutrient dense and in each Bobo’s Oat Bar Original Bar you will find 4% of your calcium needs for the day and 12% of your iron needs for the day. Since the iron is non-heme coming from a plant-based source (oats), I suggest consuming the vegan oat bar with a source of vitamin C like strawberries or an orange to help boost the iron absorption. Ready to add some hearty delicious Original Bobo’s Oat Bars to your routine?? Check them out on Amazon or keep reading to see what my non-vegan husband thinks of the vegan bars.

The Non-Vegan Review

Bobo’s are my jam! I love leaving the house with a heary oat bar that I know will keep me satisfied for awhile AND with a bar that tastes like some homemade goodness my wife makes. Oat bars have been around forever but either they are too sticky and chewy (Quaker Chewy Bars and others) or too sugary (Quaker Chewy Bars and others) and totally not satisfying after an hour (Quaker Chewy Bars and others!). Bobo’s original is simple and uncomplicated but tastes like a vegan snack should – hearty and wholesome but equally delish! Pick up a box of the Bobo’s Original Oat bars and do I what I love to do with them – spread melted vegan marshmallows on them (or sometimes I cut them open and melt the marshmallows in the center!) for a variation of a vegan oatmeal pie treat! So tasty!

Parting Thoughts

The Original Bobo’s Oat Bar is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, made with organic oats and 100% delicious. This bar tastes like home baked goodness wrapped up in a convenient package ready to take on any adventure or straight into the office. The sweet earthy grain flavor is subtle and delicate but works well with the soft, chewy, nuttiness of the oats. Bobo’s Original Vegan Oat Bar is a great healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert but be sure to keep in mind the serving size. Definitely check out Bobo’s and their gluten-free vegan Original Oat Bar on Amazon and get ready to easily snack on home baked goodness!

Bobo’s Vegan Oat Bar Review – Original

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