Vegan butter like many vegan products are becoming more and more widely available. Before a few years ago, the only vegan butter that was mainstream was Earth Balance Buttery Spread. While this is still a popular option among vegans and plant-based eaters or those needing a dairy free option, there are a lot of other options available now too. So this may have you wondering…where can I buy vegan butter??

Well first, let’s talk about some vegan butter options…

Forager Plant Butter – Made from coconut, has a natural, earthy taste that spreads well on toast/breads but isn’t our favorite for baking

Earth Balance Buttery Spread РMade from a blend of plant-oils that is more firm when coming out of the fridge but does the best when it comes to baking, saut̩ing, frying, spreading on goodies and everything you would normally use butter for but does contain palm oils. There are soy free options as well as organic options as well.

Country Crock Plant Butter – This vegan butter is ultra smooth and luxurious and great on toast, bread, or super crumbly soft muffins that you don’t want to fall to pieces when you spread some butter on it.

Calfia Farms Plant Butter – This quickly growing company has a few different flavors of their plant butter (with avocado oil and with olive oil) but the primary base is coconut oil with cashews to create a thick buttery spread that can be used in many ways but doesn’t seem to hold up quite as well as the Earth Balance Buttery Spreads.

Kite Hill Plant-Based Butter – Kite Hill is newer to the vegan butter scene after success with vegan yogurts, cheeses, and other dairy alternative products.

Miyokos Cultured Vegan Butter – this butter is primarily cashew based but has a creamy, salty tang that you’d find in a traditional butter but tastes more earthly and not like butter (unlike Earth Balance or Country Crock). Although Miyoko’s does come in stick form which makes baking and knowing exactly how much you’re spreading/getting an absolute breeze.

There are others out there but these are the primarily vegan butters and you can find them in Whole Foods mostly. Earth Balance is easy to find in any grocery store or even at your local Wal-Mart or Target. Meanwhile, you can also get the vegan butters delivered to your home by using Amazon Fresh delivery or Whole Foods delivery HERE. Happy eating and spreading on that vegan butter y’all. Comment below with any questions you may have – we’d love to help you out.

Where to Buy Vegan Butter?

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