Can Vegans Eat Pasta?

YES! Most pasta is 100% plant-based and vegan and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. There are a few exceptions though… many lasagna pasta noodles contain egg and would not be vegan. The same is true for egg noodles – they obviously contain egg and would not be a vegan pasta.

Many of the most popular pasta noodles including penne, rotini, fettucini, spaghetti, rigatoni, dilanti, shells, orzo, orecchiette, and many more are all vegan pasta shapes. Non-vegan pasta shapes also include those obviously stuffed with cheese including ravioli and tortellini.

What is the best pasta?

That depends on what you’re making!

Small shapes like dilani, orzo, and elbow macaroni work best for soups.

Shapes like shells and farfalle work great for creamy sauces because they help catch the creamy sauce.

Long noodles like spaghettis and fettuccini work great for a super flavorful sauce.

There are lots of types of pasta that work in many recipes but just remember that egg noodles and most lasagna noodles are not vegan!

One caveat – just because most pasta noodles are vegan, there are many pasta sauces that contain milk and/or cheese and would not be considered vegan – so be sure to check the label on any sauces that you plan to smother and slather those tasty noodles in!


Can Vegans Eat Pasta? PLUS What is the Best Pasta?

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