Are Wraps Vegan?

Yes! Many tortillas and wraps are vegan. Some wraps do contain milk and would not be considered vegan but for the most part, wraps and tortillas are 100% plant-based. A good way to tell if your wraps is by looking on the allergy notification to see if it contains milk or egg. That’s a quick way although sometimes it’s helpful to look fully at the ingredient list for anything that may have snuck in. If you’re not entirely sure either way and you want some suggestions for vegan wraps, check out the list below…

Best Vegan Wraps…

365 Flour Tortillas

Mission Protein Tortilla Wraps, High Fiber, Low Carb, Vegan

Siete Cassava Grain Free Flour Tortillas. Vegan, Paleo and Gluten Free Tortillas

BFree Gluten Free Wheat Free Wrap Tortillas Sweet Potato Vegan Dairy Free

Siete Grain Free Chickpea Flour Tortilla

What’s your favorite vegan wrap?? Comment below and let us know!

Are Wraps Vegan?

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