Are Noodles Vegan?

Yes! Some noodles are vegan (and some are not). Many noodles only contain durum wheat or semolina wheat flour and sometimes vitamins like iron or B vitamins are added back in if the noodles are not 100% whole wheat. However, most noodles do not contain milk, eggs, or other animal products and are considered 100% plant-based and vegan. There are some exceptions to this though…noodles stuffed with cheese (think ravioli- although Kite Hill makes a vegan Ravioli now!), egg noodles obviously contain eggs and are not vegan, and also oven ready lasagna will have eggs added and is not vegan.

Here are some great vegan pasta noodle options:

Small shapes like dilani, orzo, and elbow macaroni work best for soups.

Shapes like shells and farfalle work great for creamy sauces because they help catch the creamy sauce.

Long noodles like spaghettis and fettuccini work great for a super flavorful sauce.

There are lots of types of pasta that work in many recipes but just remember that egg noodles, ravioli, and oven ready lasagna noodles are not vegan!

What’s your favorite type of noodle?? I think my favorite is rotini swirled in a creamy vegan cheese sauce!

Are Noodles Vegan?

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