If you’ve been around the plant-based snack and vegan nutrition bar scene for any length of time, you’ve seen LÄRABAR on the grocery shelves. If you’re new to the plant-based nutrition and vegan snack world, you’ve probably still heard of LÄRABAR. The founder, Lara, started making snack bars back in 2000 when the snack marketplace was incredibly crowded with additives, sugar, and ingredient lists a mile long. She aimed to create natural, whole, plant-based snack bars with a few simple ingredients that were good for you but also tasted amazing.

The best ideas are usually the simplest, right? Well, that was definitely the case for these vegan and gluten free fruit and nut bars as 18 years, LÄRABAR continues to roll out millions of variations of vegan and gluten free snack bars that continue to receive raving fans daily. I’ve definitely tried different variations of the original LÄRABARS, but the company also manufacturers LÄRABAR bites and truffles, LÄRABAR fruits and greens, LÄRABAR Nut and Seed, LÄRABAR Organic with Superfoods, and LÄRABAR Kid.

Today we’re reviewing one of the fruit and nut based bar flavors, the vegan and gluten free Lemon Bar because it sounds refreshing and zesty! If you want to check out the highly rated and reviewed LÄRABAR fruit and nut bars on Amazon, head over there now.

Plant-Based, Vegan, and Gluten Free LÄRABAR Lemon Bar Unwrapped

Taste Experience

When first peeling open the package of the Lemon Bar LÄRABAR, it smells slightly citrusy, like a lemon peel more than concentrated lemon juice. At first bite, the vegan and gluten free plant-based fruit and nut bar is refreshing an zesty while refreshing and choke full of hearty and crunchy nuts. Have you ever had a raw lemon pie? It reminds me of that, but just smashed into the raw date and nut based crust.

I don’t find the lemon to be that tart (thank goodness for me!) but rather refreshing and the perfect way to perk up an afternoon without caffeine! If you want to perk up your afternoon snack with a refreshing lemon burst of flavor made of wholesome dates, almonds, and cashews, check out LÄRABAR Lemon Bar on Amazon.

Don’t you want a bite of this Plant-Based, Vegan, and Gluten Free LÄRABAR Lemon Bar??!


Each Lemon Bar LÄRABAR has 200 calories which is an ideal amount for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. With 10 grams of heart healthy fats from cashews and almonds but only 1.5 grams of saturated fat, the plant-based vegan LÄRABARs are satisfying snack.

All of the plant-based vegan gluten free LÄRABARs are low in sodium including the Lemon Bar flavor with only 5mg of sodium per bar! If you are looking for a minimally processed snack or you’re watching your sodium level, these plant-based snack bars are an excellent choice.

Each Lemon Bar LÄRABAR has 24 grams of total carbohydrate with 3 grams of plant-based fiber. The vegan snack bars have enough carbohydrate to help boost your blood sugar and add some pep into your step without throwing your blood sugar levels out of whack. Plus, LÄRABAR does not add sugar to the dried fruits or the vegan nutrition bars. As a consumer, this helps you rest assured you are receiving excellent nutrition from foods in their natural state, without the need for added sugar. If you are looking to limit your added sugar intake but you still have a sweet tooth, definitely consider LÄRABAR Lemon Bar.

The fruit and nut snack bar has 4 grams of protein from the cashews and almonds. This is an ideal amount for a small snack to help provide sustained energy. Plus, if you are looking for a traditional sweet treat like a cookie or a piece of cake, it wouldn’t have any plant-based fiber or whole food protein to help stabilize your blood sugar levels and provide substantial nutrition. With the Lemon Bar LÄRABAR, you’re definitely getting the best of both worlds – a hefty dose of plant-based nutrition with simple delicious ingredients.  If you’re ready to uplevel your plant-based vegan snacking, check out LÄRABAR’s Lemon Bar on Amazon!

Nutrition Label for the Plant-Based, Vegan, and Gluten Free LÄRABAR Lemon Bar

The Non-Vegan Review

Wow, Larabars have been around a long time. I feel like Larabar and Clif were the originators of the healthy energy bar market. Larabar has been extremely consistent in their offerings and why not, they have an incredible formula. Keep the ingredients list short, wholesome, and healthy. I’m a big fan of Larabars and I think they’re one of the better bars for the money. These Larabar Lemon Bars have nutty texture with cashews and almonds and an awesome lemon flavor. Lara uses dates for the binder and to provide sweetness, which is so much better than using any other sweetener. And, if you’re a lemon lover like me, these Larabar Lemon bars will hit all your buttons in the right way. Larabars are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and soy free. Lara really had it right , even way back in 2000, when veganism and gluten free weren’t even a thing. You know the drill, best place to get these is Amazon, and that’s because of the fast shipping and because you’ll help support this website and my wife’s goal of spreading the vegan word. Gracias! Non-vegan husband out!

Parting Thoughts

Each vegan and gluten free Lemon Bar LÄRABAR combines the highest quality whole plant-based ingredients to create a nutritious snack that you can feel good about eating and that you actually WANT to eat. If you are following a vegan diet or a gluten free lifestyle, I find LÄRABAR to be one of the best choices out there that consistently delivers a healthy sweet treat. If you have a sweet tooth with a side of tart, the Lemon Bar LÄRABAR should be your next vegan snack nutrition bar on Amazon. You’ll love every bite without sacrificing your nutrition or lifestyle. Sometimes simple is beautiful and that is indeed the case with LÄRABARs!

LÄRABAR Vegan Fruit and Nut Bar Review – Lemon Bar

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