Are Van’s Waffles Vegan?

Yes! Some of the Van’s Waffles are vegan (see below for Van’s Vegan Waffle Flavors). Van’s Foods makes frozen waffles, frozen pancakes, crackers and snack bars. Some of the products are gluten-free as well. Today though, we will be looking at their line of frozen waffles. Van’s Foods makes 10 different frozen waffle varieties below are the vegan varieties and non-vegan varieties.

Van’s Vegan Frozen Waffles

Non-Vegan Van’s Waffles

  • Van’s Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles (contains milk in the chocolate chips)

Where to Buy Van’s Waffles

Van’s frozen waffles can be purchased online through Amazon Fresh HERE. You can also find them in several retailers including Publix, Target, and Kroger. They are most often in or near the natural food section if your grocery store keeps that part separate from the other frozen foods. The vegan waffles aren’t usually marketed as vegan or gluten-free, so you may have to look closely. Also, many stores only carry one or two varieties and online at Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods may be your best bet if you want a variety of Van’s frozen waffles in your freezer (which you will probably want as you’ll see below!)

So now that we know where to buy Van’s frozen waffles and we know which ones are vegan, let’s take a closer look at how they taste and what their plant-based nutrition is like. …

Taste Experience

Van’s Frozen Waffles are a bunch of whole grains packed into a crunchy golden brown crevices. When I first opened the package of Van’s waffles, they were definitely smaller than I anticipated which I guess is why two waffles is a serving and has 25 grams of carbohydrate. When we make waffles at home, they are so hearty that it’s usually 1/2 a waffle fills us to the brim they are that dense. The circular vegan waffles are golden brown in color with a perfect molded grid pattern that definitely doesn’t happen with homemade waffles!

After toasting the waffles for a few minutes, the warm nutty whole grain aroma started to fill the kitchen and I was deeply looking forward to breakfast! After about 4 minutes in the toasted oven, they were a beautiful golden brown. I lathered one with almond butter and kept the other one plain for a hot second while I took a bite. Van’s frozen waffles were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. There was a considerable amount of air pockets in the waffles that reminded me a bit more of Belgium waffles. The waffles are delicious on their own but personally I think waffles are always better with nut butter. However, if you have toddlers or kids in the house, eating them plain as is is still amazing and nutritious and they’d be great and easy to handle as finger foods for those smaller hands. If you’re a full out vegan, adding a bit more fiber and protein helps nutritionally but also complements the crunchy soft warm waffle experience.

Overall, Van’s Waffles are tasty with a delicious golden brown neutral whole grain taste. The crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside vegan waffles are great as is or even better with some nut butter or vegan butter! Add Van’s Frozen Waffles your freezer stash HERE and you’ll love the wholesome deliciousness as well.

Van’s Waffles Nutrition

In 2 Van’s waffles there are 200 calories – so they are on the small but still filling side. In each serving (2 waffles), there are seven grams of fat without any trans fat and .5 gram of saturated fat. This is a considerable amount less calories and fat than any restaurant waffle and lower in fat than other frozen waffle varieties that use buttermilk in the batter.

There is no cholesterol as Van’s waffles are 100%  plant-based and vegan. There is a measly 170mg of sodium in 2 vegan waffles so they are great for a heart healthy diet being low-ish in sodium and made with whole grains. Speaking of grains, there are 25 grams of carbohydrate (so just about 2 carbohydrate choices if you are Diabetic and carbohydrate counting). Although the waffles are made out of whole grains (wheat, barley, red wheat, steel cut oats, millet, and brown rice), there is only one gram of fiber. So, if you are having as part of a balanced breakfast, I would recommend serving with fruit with fiber or sprinkling with a tablespoon or two chia seeds (this works great over nut butter and you can press the chia seeds into the nut butter). This helps to increase the overall nutritional density but also increase the satisfaction factor with increased fiber.

While there isn’t a ton of fiber (like at all for being vegan), there is a considerable amount of protein. Two Van’s waffles have 10 grams of protein! If you were to add 2 tablespoons of nut butter and a tablespoon of chia seeds – that becomes a 21 gram protein breakfast – or about the same as 3 large eggs! The biggest difference is the waffles will have more vitamins, minerals, and plant-based goodness.

Interesting, there isn’t a ton of added vitamins and minerals but the mineral Van’s adds the most to their frozen waffles is calcium. Calcium, in the form of calcium carbonate (not as bioavailable and must me converted in the body) is a hard mineral to consume adequate amounts of depending on your diet and because it’s such a large mineral, it’s not in a multivitamin and is only in some fortified foods. Of those fortified foods, it tends to be dairy and non-dairy alternatives but very rarely is it in grain products – but it’s pretty cool and much appreciated as it’s a mineral that I find many people do not consume enough of in their regular day to day diets. So there is a whopping 325mg or 25% of the RDA for calcium! Because whole grains are a natural source of iron and potassium, you’ll find 6% of the iron you need in a day and 2% of the potassium.

Overall, Van’s Waffles are a great nutritional start to your vegan breakfast. Add in some nut butter and berries and you have a very well rounded breakfast! Find Van’s Waffles HERE. 

Parting Thoughts

If you’re looking for a well rounded, hearty wholesome vegan breakfast option, Van’s frozen waffles are a great choice. They contain about 10 grams of protein per serving with 100% vegan whole grains and in combination with more fiber and a dash more fat and protein, it’s a truly nourishing meal option. The warm nutty whole grain waffles have a hearty bite to them but are still a neutral profile that go with various nut butters, fruit, or vegan breakfast sausage. Our favorite is spreading warm goopy almond butter into each of the waffle squares and topped with fresh blueberries and syrup. It’s truly a combination of what heavenly breakfasts are made of ….but…because they are frozen waffles, Van’s Waffles are ready in no time and perfect for those quick weekday breakfasts. Sometimes when time is really tight, the waffles can be toasted and eaten as toast out of your hand with a handful of almonds and apple on the side. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic way to be sitting in traffic or starting your day at the office??! Or…just taking a sweet moment of breakfast to yourself. Get Van’s Frozen Waffles HERE. 

Van’s Waffles Vegan – Where to Buy Van’s Waffles – Van’s Waffles Vegan Nutrition

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  • September 19, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    I have not been able to find Van’s Waffles that are mini, 4 small ones. I have bought in the past at Whole Foods but they are not stocking the small, 4 Attached waffles. Thank you!

    • September 29, 2020 at 3:58 pm

      Hmmm – I wonder if it’s a discontinued product?


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