Hemp hearts – what are they exactly you may be asking… well, shelled hemp hearts are frequently referred to as hemp hearts and are the seed of the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant is of the same species as the cannabis plant that produces marijuana but of a different variety. It does have a very trace amount of THC, but nothing to the point that you would feel or notice or that would be enough to show up on a drug screen. Hemp hearts are considered a healthy food that I would honestly call a superfood. They have a mild nutty soft texture and flavor. Hemp hearts are a great source of protein with 3 tablespoons providing about 11 grams of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and microminerals that we will dive into later. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts were one of the first manufacturers of hemp hearts and since this original product, they have also launched other hemp related products like bars and granolas. Let’s review the original product, the shelled hemp seeds and know that what I really love about Manitoba Harvest is that they are certified non-GMO, the seeds are grown in Canada, and the shelled hemp hearts are available in larger sized bags along with hemp hearts in individual packets that work wonders for vegan and plant-based travel. 

Taste Experience

If you’ve been around the vegan food landscape, you may have heard of hemp hearts. These little morsels are a super great source of protein and minerals (more on that later) but what’s better yet is their taste! If you aren’t the biggest almond, peanut, or nut fan, it’s important to note that hemp hearts are actually a seed and have probably the most mild taste out of any other seed or nut. They also aren’t very crunchy and have a very subtle taste and texture. This makes Manitoba Harvest Hemp hearts great to sprinkle on cereal, yogurt, salads, or thrown into a smoothie for a creamy slighty nutty nutritional boost. One of my favorite ways to incorporate Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts is in a homemade granola or homemade protein bars. If you haven’t tasted Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts, you truly don’t know what goodness you are missing out on as hemp hearts while having a mild taste also have a very distinct taste that can’t be well summed up but rather you just have to try Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts today and see for yourself!


Each serving of Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts have 160 calories with most of those calories coming from fat and protein as hemp hearts are a seed.

With 13 grams of total fat and only 1 gram of saturated fat, hemp hearts are still a great option for vegans, vegetarians, or omnivore eaters alike. The fat will help keep you satisfied and because there is only one gram of saturated fat without any trans fat, hemp hearts are heart healthy with both omega-3 and omega-6 healthy essential fatty acids.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts naturally do not have any sodium or cholesterol which also helps make them a great heart healthy option for anyone.

With only one gram of total carbohydrates per serving, Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts are a low carb eater’s best friend (although they probably don’t get mentioned much). However, if you are trying to watch your carbohydrates or you have glucose sensitivity issues, it’s great that hemp hearts contain so much protein and fat and with the one gram of carbohydrates, that one gram is all fiber which means that it helps support your blood sugar and a healthy digestive system!

Protein is the real star of the hemp hearts with over 30% of the calories coming from protein (this is more than chia seeds, flax seeds, or other seeds) and in 3 tablespoons you’ll find a whopping 11 grams of protein. You’ll notice in the individual packet I included the picture of below that there is only 9g protein – which is still a tremendous amount in such a tiny package!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are a healthy super food that should be added to your next shopping list online. I will say, I prefer the individual packets of hemp hearts that I can take to work with me and sprinkle on just about anything to make it more nutrient dense but the bag is great too.  

Parting Thoughts

Manitoba Harvest’s Shelled Hemp Hearts are a healthy nutritious seed with a mild and slightly nutty flavor that complements many dishes. For example, hemp hearts can be added to cereal, a plant-based yogurt, or a salad. If you’re feeling more adventurous, I would try to make a vegan crunchy granola with hemp hearts as one of the ingredients. Check out Manitoba Harvest Shelled Hemp Hearts HERE today and be sure to let me know if this fits your needs or not. In general, hemp seems to be a very easy to digest/absorb source of plant-based nutrition and may be a great addition to your daily routine – particularly if you want to increase the amount of plant-based protein options you’re consuming.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review

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  • March 15, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    I was skeptical about these at first but I eat them all the time now.

    • March 16, 2020 at 3:47 pm

      oh that’s great Mindy – happy to hear you enjoy them!


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