Yes! Smuckers uses fruit pectin instead of an animal based gelatin to help its jelly and fruit spreads congeal. Therefore, Smuckers jelly and jams are vegan. Not sure what the difference is between jelly, jam, preserves and more? Check out my handy guide below and keep reading for my favorite Smuckers product (PS this is not sponsored, just love the sweet fruit spreads!) and how I like to use it in my vegan diet.

Ok, before we get to my favorite Smuckers vegan fruit spread …let’s review the variations of fruit spread to help you find your favorite!

JELLY is made from fruit juice. Jelly is clear and strained and firm enough to hold its shape when turned out of its container. Jelly does not have any fiber or any part of the fruit and in my opinion is basically sugar water and not the most nutritious option.

JAM is made from a blend of crushed pieces of fruit and fruit puree. I love the thick hearty consistency of jam and if you aren’t a fan of seeds, you can find jams seedless but I prefer all the pieces of the fruit I can get!

PRESERVES contain whole or large pieces of fruit, making them thicker and more fruit-filled than jams or jellies. Preserves are the best yet if you ask me – hearty and healthier! M

FRUIT BUTTERS are made from fruit pulp and sugar cooked together. There is no butter in fruit butter. The term may have developed to describe the appearance of the product or because it is a spread and spreads similarly to a butter. Fruits that don’t hold up as well in other forms are generally seen as a fruit butter (think apple butter and pumpkin butter).

Ok, so what’s your favorite fruit spread?? Comment below – I’d love to hear it! My absolute favorite is Smuckers Cherry Preserves. I love to combine it with almond butter for an elevated PB+J sandwich experience. I also love to top unsweetened Kite Hill yogurt with Smuckers Cherry Preserves. Since Smuckers jellies and fruit spreads are vegan, the sky is the limit! Check out all of the variations available here.

Is Smuckers Jelly Vegan?

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