Are you looking for vegan baked beans to go with your next vegan burger or your next summer get together? Have no fear! There are commercially available vegan baked bean brans readily available for you to enjoy. Certainly homemade baked beans are relatively easy to prepare but sometimes you don’t have the time and what better way to stay prepared than to have a can of vegan, plant-based, high fiber, high protein baked beans in the pantry ready to rock and roll. Below you’ll find our favorite six vegan baked bean varieties but know that there may be others out there.

6 Best Vegan Baked Beans

6. Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans

What We Love: Bush’s Baked Beans are a staple for a reason and while the plant-based baked beans taste great, they are pretty high in sodium – at 570mg sodium per serving – the highest sodium on this list. However, these baked beans are easy to find, economical, and still a great source of fiber and protein. They are a bit sweeter than some of the others on the list too and are best if you like sweet beans. Find Bush’s Baked Beans HERE. 

Considerations: As noted, these vegetarian Baked Beans from Bush’s are sweeter than some other commercially prepared baked beans – which can be great or not depending on your preference!

5. Heinz No Meat Baked Beans

What We Love: Probably the most tomato based baked bean on this list, Heinz Baked Beans have been loved by people in England for a long time and now can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. You won’t be disappointed with the uniquely and distinctive sweet tomato baked bean taste. Find Heinz Baked Beans HERE. 

Considerations: Heinz Baked Beans come in a smaller can (8oz) and would be best for one or two servings as some of the other cans are made a bit more for sharing. 😉

4. Amy’s Vegetarian Baked Beans

What We Love: Low in fat, these high fiber baked beans from Amy’s are 100% vegan. Amy’s has been creating many plant-based products since the mid 1980’s (so long before vegan and plant-based was a thing), and they’ve gotten some things right…like the taste of these vegan baked beans! Plus, the baked beans are USDA certified organic. Find Amy’s Baked Beans HERE. 

Considerations: Amy’s Baked Beans have more of a tomato sauce base and are not super sweet like some baked beans can be. So, if you like super sweet baked beans, Bush’s will be your best bet. If you like more neutral but still tasty beans, Amy’s are a great vegan baked bean choice.

3. Walnut Acres Maple and Onion Baked Beans

What We Love: With organic 100% plant-based ingredients without any fillers or additives, Walnut Acres makes a simple and straightforward vegan baked bean product. This Maple and Onion flavor has a bit less sodium than the original (430mg vs 450mg sodium) but still less than Bush’s (570mg sodium) or Amy’s (480mg sodium). Check out Walnut Acres Maple and Onion Baked Beans HERE. 

Considerations: Walnut Acres are a bit on the pricey side as they are organic and may be a consideration depending on your personal situation. They are also a smaller company and a bit harder to find.

2. 365 Vegetarian Baked Beans

What We Love: Organic and vegan, 365 Baked Beans from Whole Foods are economical, high in fiber and protein, and super tasty! They are a bit on the sweeter side and not as tomato-y as some varieties. You will love the taste and organic nutrition of the 365 Vegetarian Baked Beans. 

Considerations: These popular vegan baked beans can be missing from the shelf frequently we’ve found because they are so popular but hopefully they will be kept in stock more regularly soon!

1. Walnut Acres Baked Beans

What We Love: These vegan baked beans are one of the lowest in sodium (450mg sodium per serving) compared to the others on this list without compromising flavor and nutrition. Plus with 8 grams of fiber and 7 grams of plant-based protein, these are baked beans that pack a whole lot of punch to your plate! Check out Walnut Acres Baked Beans HERE. 

Considerations: We have the same considerations as noted above… Walnut Acres is a bit on the pricey side as they are organic and may be a consideration depending on your personal situation. They are also a smaller company and a bit harder to find in traditional outlets.

There you have it….the six best vegan baked bean varieties! Which one is your favorite or which one are you hoping to try next??

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6 Best Vegan Baked Beans + Vegan Baked Bean Brands

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