If you’re looking for a vegan prenatal gummy multivitamin, let me tell you that there are limited options. Most gummy vitamins, whether they are prenatal vitamins or general multivitamins have gelatin (made from pigs) in them. Then, of the prenatal gummies that do exist, many of them contain fish as the source of DHA omega-3 fatty acid and are not actually vegan.

So, as a vegan registered dietitian, there are really only one vegan prenatal gummies that I would recommend …

Garden of Life Organic Prenatal Vitamins

What We Love: These vegan prenatal vitamin chews are made from whole foods and have nine organic whole fruits in every bottle without any filler ingredients. This USDA organic vegan vitamin contains 133% Vitamin D3 or 800IU and 600mcg folate from whole foods. If you’re looking for a prenatal vegan chew, Garden of Life Prenatal Multi Vitamin Chews are a great option that you can find HERE. 

Considerations: While Garden of Life Prenatal Gummies contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, it is literally impossible to cram a bunch into gummies and still make them that gummy consistency and make them taste good. So, for that reason, you won’t find any omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, or choline and it would be likely that these would need to be supplemented further.

So as you can see, it doesn’t always make sense to choose a multivitamin gummies – vegan or not, prenatal or not as it’s just very difficult to get a good hefty dose of many vitamins and minerals. If you’re interested in more well rounded vegan prenatal multivitamins, check out our review HERE. 

Best Vegan Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin

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