Are Gardettos Vegan?

That might be a question that comes up for you considering these classic American snacks are crunchy, salty, and every bit satisfying. There are some vegan Gardetto flavors and some non-vegan flavors.

Before we get into each one, did you know that the snack mix started from a family bakery in Wisconsin with their own blend of fresh baked cracker snacks and spices. Years later, the Gardettos original still uses the same recipe! Pretty cool, right?

So now…..which Gardettos flavors are vegan?

Vegan Gardetto Flavors

Gardettos Original

Gardettos Deli Style Mustard

Gardettos Garlic Rye Chips (just the chips – the most requested part of the snack mix!)

Gardettos Reduced Fat Original

Pictured: Two of my favorite vegan Gardetto flavors!

Non-Vegan Gardettos Flavors

Italian Cheese Blend

So, of the 5 Gardettos varieties, 4 are vegan! That’s pretty awesome and makes this a great snack for game nights, parties, or snacking at home by yourself! What is your favorite vegan Gardettos flavor??

Are Gardettos Vegan?

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