Ginger Snaps *tend* to be a naturally vegan snack that you may be wanting to add into your snack rotation. However, some vegan ginger snaps are more nostalgic and have a classic crisp, gingery taste while others are more wholesome with naturally added sugars or no added sugars… so there’s a bit of something for everyone!

Nyakers Swedish Ginger Snaps

What We Love: One of the OGs, Nyakers Swedish Ginger Snaps are thin, crispy, crunchy and have the perfect ratio of crisp to ginger! A perfect afternoon or tea cookie to add to your vegan snack rotation. Nyakers Swedish Ginger Snaps have relatively straightforward ingredients and with six cookies in a serving, you’ll be snacking and munching right along all afternoon.

Considerations: The packaging isn’t the most protected, so while you may occasionally end up with a few broken pieces, those pieces are especially delicious on top of your favorite vegan yogurt or vegan ice cream!

Stauffer’s Original Recipe Ginger Snaps

What We Love: Another OG, Stauffer’s Ginger Snaps are a bit of a thicker, chewier cookie thanks to the addition of real molasses that gives these vegan cookies a warm, nutty, earthiness to them. There is a gram of fiber, so pair them with nuts and you’ve got a great balanced afternoon snack!

Considerations: Stauffer’s Ginger Snaps are vegan and do contain real ginger and molasses but you’ll also find caramel color added to add to that rich, warm, earthy eating experience. Stauffer’s Ginger Snaps are one of the long standing originals for a reason though and may be worth a look depending on your overall goals/priorities.

Swedish Ginger Snaps Cookies

What We Love: Thin and crispy and ultra delectable, these Swedish Ginger Snap cookies are tasty and come in an adorable tin that is perfect for gift giving. They are also great to have on hand and bring over to a dinner party without having to prep anything. Ginger snaps are versatile but unique to go with a wide variety of menus and palates. The vegan ginger snap cookies are also going to stay neatly in place without crumbling, thanks to the protective tin they come in.

Considerations: If you don’t plan on gift giving or road tripping or eating your gingersnaps in any other dangerous fashion that may cause them to crumble, the tin version of the vegan ginger snap cookie may not be for you.

Mi-Del Ginger Snaps

What We Love: While we’ve included the original Mi-Del Ginger Snap in this list, Mi-Del also makes a gluten-free vegan ginger snap if needed. Mi-Del processes the vegan ginger snaps in a peanut-free facility, which could be really great for some of you out there. The vegan cookies are Swedish style, so while they are not made in Sweden or quite as thin and crispy, they are still crunchy with a great ginger amount. Mi-Del vegan ginger snaps are non-GMO and trans-fat free as well as coming in a unique chocolate ginger snap flavor – so a lot of really great things cooking here!

Considerations: If you are looking for a classic crisp, thin vegan ginger snap cookie, these are a little more of thicker cookie. However, if you are looking for cleaner ingredients, Mi-Del can be a good non-GMO option.

Are you a ginger snap fan? If so, be sure to check out this round up of some truly tasty vegan ginger snap cookies.

4 Best Vegan Ginger Snaps

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