That’s it is a snack company dedicated to simple whole food ingredients like “apples,” “kale,” or “mangoes.” They use non-GMO food to make healthy eating easy on the go.

The fruit bars have been a hit since they hit the shelves, but you can also find That’s it Beans + Kale Bars like the black bean + kale bar that aims to get consumers to eat more vegetables and legumes.

All of the That’s It products are vegan, gluten-free, and allergen free (from the top 8 allergens).

Today we’re going to be diving into the That’s It Black Beans + Kale Snack bar, but I personally like the That’s It fruit bars better which are available HERE on Amazon. 

Taste Experience

That’s It Beans+Kale Bar tastes like a powdery mix of beans and bitter kale. It’s probably the worst bar I’ve ever tried and I would only recommend it if you are slathering a hefty lay of peanut butter and jelly on top. Some people claim to love them, and I will say I was excited about eating beans and kale on the go in a bar format but this bar needs a hefty dose of sweetener to soften the bitter blow. Check out That’s It Bars HERE. 


That’s it Beans and Kale Bar has only 80 calories with 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber making it a great portable snack that will keep you satisfied (if you can stomach the taste that is).

The beans and kale help feed your gut microbiome and support gut health. With 6% of your iron needs and 2% of your potassium needs in a tiny bar, this is a major boost to your nutritional status. Find That’s it Beans + Kale bars HERE and elevate your snacking nutrition status.

The Non-Vegan Review

Who thought it was a good idea to put beans and kale together in a bar but not add any sweetner or other things to make it taste good?! I will say, the texture is fantastic – just like an oat based granola bar like the traditional Quaker Chewy bars that are loaded with sugar and lack fiber. This is just the opposite …That’s It Beans + Kale has a bunch of fiber but falls majorly short on the sweetness. I personally like my snacks sweeter and prefer the That’s It fruit bars that taste just like fruit (because they are!). If you are interested in That’s It Bars, Buy them HERE on Amazon. 

Parting Thoughts

That’s It Bars are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made of super simple and straightforward ingredients. If you are looking to add more fiber, beans, legumes, and dark green leafy vegetables to your eating in a portable way, That’s It Bars fit the bill. Honestly, I would steer clear of the veggie and bean bars and head straight to the fruit bars. If you don’t believe me, click HERE to see what others say and try them for yourself!

That’s it Bar Review – Vegan Black Bean & Kale Veggie Bars

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