Happy Bars – Low FODMAP food from Dr. Rachel Pauls – Peanut Chocolate Euphoria

Dr. Rachel Pauls created Happy Bars from her own GI digestive issues as while she found a low FODMAP diet helpful in managing her symptoms, she missed the grab and go convenience snacks. That’s when she decided to create her own. Happy Bars are targeted for people with IBS or digestive issues following a low FODMAP lifestyle but want easy and healthy options in their purse or at work. Aside from the Happy Bars, Dr. Rachel Pauls Food has a line of Happy Jerky, Happy Jerky, and Happy Spices.

In my clinical practice as a dietitian, I have patients who have great reviews and results with these products so I thought that it was time to give my favorite flavor, the Peanut Chocolate Euphoria a review. I should mention that currently the Happy Bars and other products are only available on her website. I would also like to mention that while I work with individuals with gut conditions, I do not have IBS or IBD.

Taste Experience

The Peanut Chocolate Euphoria has the texture similar to a CLIF bar but with fewer oats and with more of a formed dough from the brown rice protein.

Usually protein and snack bars have a smell when you first open them but the Happy Bars are mild and sweet with a neutral slightly peanut smell.

At first bite, I taste more peanut than anything (it took a few bites to taste any chocolate or see any chocolate chips). The chewy texture is pleasant and I love that there’s no weird grittiness or aftertaste. Because the bar is chewy, it takes a few times around to get it down and I do like to drink water afterwards.

The low FODMAP protein bar is packed with just enough texture and sweetness that even though I don’t suffer with digestive issues, I still prefer these bars over some mainstream options. My patients have been thoroughly impressed with the taste and again, if you or someone you know is on a low FODMAP diet, I think Dr. Rachel Pauls Happy Bars are an awesome choice.


Each Happy Bar has 214 calories with 82 of those calories coming from fat from the peanuts primarily.

There are 27 grams of total carbohydrate with 3 grams of fiber, making Happy Bars a sustainable choice for your energy level. These bars also have a tendency to keep you satisfied longer with a total of 9 grams of protein (brown rice protein, peanuts, and a small amount of flax seed meal).

There are no added vitamins or minerals but the high quality ingredients provide 5% of your calcium needs for the day as well as 17% of your iron needs.

The Happy Bar is a nutritionally dense snack bar that also tastes amazing and is a low FODMAP food. It’s the best of all worlds and I frequently recommend these bars to clients looking for a healthy, tasty low FODMAP snack on-the-go. I am not affiliated with Dr. Rachel Paul but because I have seen how these bars help fill in the nutritional gaps without prompting GI distress in many of my clients, I recommend them all the time. Check out Dr. Rachel Paul’s foods HERE.

The Non-Vegan Review

I have no idea what the Low-FODMAP diet is (did I even spell that right?!). However, I do know when my wife brings home a snack that tastes good. And these Happy Bars? Make me very happy! They have a great texture and hold up well when I’m eating one in the car to/fro work (no one likes crumbs in the car). As a person who isn’t the biggest chocolate fan, I was happy to see these Happy Bars are not a huge chocolate indulgence. In fact, they are hardly sweet at all (which is also why I love them). Personally, I tolerate all foods just fine but I don’t like vegan protein bars or plant-based snacks that go overboard with sugar. These Happy Bars strike the perfect balance of taste, texture, and conveinence. I don’t know about any of that FODMAP business, but I do know good food!

Parting Thoughts

If you experience regular IBS symptoms especially like gas and bloating, you may benefit from a low FODMAP diet. While I recommend working one-on-one with a dietitian as it is meant to be a short term process in which you identify triggering foods. It’s complicated and I don’t recommend going down that path alone. However, with that being said, if you are following a low FODMAP diet or you experience IBS symptoms with many of the conventional snack bars, I highly recommend the Happy Bars. Happy Bars are high in protein (12 grams) with adequate carbohydrates and fiber (3 grams) to help keep you satisfied but with the careful selection of ingredients and amounts, the Happy Bar is gut friendly for any of you IBS sufferers out there. If you want to try Happy Bars for yourself and see how this easy and delish nutrition bar can fit into your lifestyle, CLICK HERE.

Happy Bars Review – Peanut Chocolate Euphoria

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