Are Sunchips Vegan?

Yes, one of the six available flavors of Sunchips is vegan! If you are looking for a vegan, whole grain chip that’s tasty and good for you and the planet, Sunchips are a great option and while many of the flavors contain milk or dairy, one does not.

Vegan Sunchip Flavor

Non-Vegan Sunchip Flavors

  • Sunchips Harvest Cheddar
  • Sunchips Garden Salsa
  • Sunchips French Onion
  • Sunchips Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar
  • Sunchip Puffs in Four Cheese

So if you’re looking for that slightly sweet, slightly savory, and exponentially crunchy vegan snacking chip that is actually good for you, consider Original Sunchips with 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein while most chips have less than one gram of protein and fiber each. Stock up for those barbeques, lunches, or snack attacks with vegan Original Sunchips HERE. 

Are Sunchips Vegan?

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