Are you looking for the perfect gift for the vegan couple?? Or are you a vegan looking to add gifts to your registry?? Then look no further…as a fellow vegan for over a decade, when my husband and I got married, there are certain things I’m so happy I put on my vegan wedding registry and other gifts that I wish I would have! Here are my top 8 vegan wedding gifts to give or add to your vegan wedding registry!


8. Instant Pot – Any vegan knows that no kitchen is complete without a pressure cooker! Even if you don’t cook (or don’t cook very often), the instant pot is great for vegan meal prep, chilis, stews, and rice dishes using beans and grains aka any vegan food as the base. I honestly couldn’t imagine a vegan kitchen without one and the vegan wedding registry is the perfect time to add it to your list or treat someone with a gift that might take up a lot of space but I promise will get lots of use (not like some of those other one time use wedding gifts!). Find the Instant Pot HERE. 

7. Vitamix – Another kitchen must have for a vegan wedding registry or a vegan gift idea is the Vitamix. I use mine to make oat flour from oats (fantastic for pancakes, waffles, etc), cashew cheese sauces, blended soups, “cream” of mushroom soups, baby food, smoothies, blended fruit blends that I then put in the dehydrator for homemade fruit strips, and so so much more. Seriously, the Vitamix is definitely a wedding must and after playing around with many, many blenders in my day, trust me when I say go straight for the vitamix instead of a ninja or other high-powered blender that just isn’t quite as versatile and powerful. Check out more details about the Vitamix HERE. 

6. OXO Good Grips 5-Piece Airtight Food Storage Containers – Vegans have a lot of pantry goods – from whole grains to beans and legumes to nuts and seeds to even nutritional yeast – there has to be a home in your pantry for these vegan food staples! Nothing is more stressful looking in a messy, unorganized pantry for that random bag of beans. Instead, organize your dry goods with these food storage containers. There are lots of options out there but I love how easy these are to open and close…not to mention they look sleek and stack super easily! Check out the food storage containers HERE. 

5. Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons Set – Last “must have” I’ll mention when it comes to food related things on your vegan wedding registry or if you’re looking to get a vegan a wedding gift. These measuring spoons and cups are stainless steel and hold up much better than other options plus many vegans are concerned about the environment and don’t want to contribute to more plastic – so these are a great lightweight alternative. Even if you’re not sure if you need them or you want them on your vegan registry or to give as a gift, they make an extra cute topper with a vegan homemade treat if this is a gift you’re giving. It’s like using the measuring cups and spoons as the bow – talk about a super cute and eco friendly idea that anyone will appreciate! Check out these stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. 

4. Himalayan Natural Pink Rock Lamps – Looking for a stunning and unique piece for a vegan or to add to your registry?? Than a Himalayan Pink Rock Lamp may just be the perfect item! This version is one of the only brands with a certified mining certificate, so you know the pink rock salt is being mined appropriately and that you are getting the real deal instead of some of the fakes out there. This Himalayan Rock Lamp is also great for your vegan wedding registry or as a vegan gift because it can go in just about any space and this particular one is adjustable in terms of the lighting. Check out the Himalayan Rock Lamp HERE. 


3. Glass Solar Powered Lantern – Many eco-friendly individuals will flock to this super cool glass lantern that is powered 100% but the sun. These solar powered lanterns are a cute addition to your back patio, a garden, or even longer camping stays (that it can be in the sun long enough to charge). If you are a vegan who loves to garden or you know a vegan looking for something earth friendly and unique, this budget friendly gift is a great win overall. You might even be tempted to get a couple for yourself to decorate your patio or outdoor space! Find the Glass Solar Powered Lantern HERE. 

2. Casper Nap Pillow –  The Casper Nap pillow is one of the best travel pillows available. Whether you’re looking to get it for yourself or for a fellow vegan traveler, this durable quality travel pillow is fantastic for air travel or road trips. Or, if you just want to Netflix and Chill with your honey, there’s that too! Snooze wherever you choose on a quality travel pillow that can go wherever you want to go and will last you a while – from honeymoon to anniversary trips! Check out the Casper Nap Pillow HERE and add to your registry or buy as a gift!

1. Balthazar & Rose Blanket Throw – any registry is not complete without a few blanket throws. However, this is when you can choose a gift that gives back and any compassionate vegan will be all about giving or receiving a gift that does good at the same time. These 100% cotton throws are made in Tunisia on an artisan loom to create a unique, hand crafted look but also what’s great is that 10% of the purchase will support (RED)’s efforts to fight AIDS through the Global Fund. The colors and designs are neutral but also add a pop of adult sophistication to any room or for any personality. I truly love the quality feel and handmade look of these throws that are great any time of the year. Check out all of the colors and designs available HERE and feel good about vegan gift giving or about adding this to your vegan wedding registry. 


Vegan Wedding Gifts

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