Have a vegan boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, or spouse but not sure what to get him or her for Valentine’s day? I totally feel you. My husband is not vegan and I know it can be challenging for him to find vegan products that make great gifts for the holidays, Valentine’s Day especially. Most chocolate has dairy. A lot of beauty products are tested on animals. Some products contain hidden sources of animal products plus you want to know if it’s actually going to be good, right? There’s nothing like buying a vegan treat that falls flat.

So, I thought it would be helpful to provide multiple gift ideas depending on your budget constraints and the type of vegan you’re shopping for. I hope you find it helpful and comment below with any questions or if you need a second opinion. 😉

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Valentine’s Gifts For the Chocolate Loving Vegan

1. Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are the best of the best in the luxury chocolate world but are RARELY vegan! These chocolate truffles are rich, creamy, and dreamy without milk or animal products. Bonus: they are crafted in small batches and come in a festive gift box to make gifting to your Valentine a breeze. Not going to be together for Valentine’s? These Dark Chocolate Truffles would be a great option to ship. Buy Vegan Truffles HERE.

2. Raaka Best Sellers Trio – Gourmet Vegan Bean-to-Bar Dark Chocolate

Does your significant other like to try craft gourmet chocolate bars at every farmer’s market or grocery store? Does he or she like a variety? If the answers are yes, the Raaka bean-to-bar vegan dark chocolate bars may be a good fit. They’ve included their best selling bars (so you know they are good) but each one is a little different: Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao), Pink Sea Salt (71% cacao), and Coconut Milk (60% cacao) to give you a variety of flavors and bitterness with the percent of dark chocolate.

If your significant other is into sustainability, it’s also important to note that everything is ethically sourced, single-origin, and certified organic to bring out unparalleled quality in the bean. In fact, they are so committed to working directly with growers to source high quality cacao that they claim to pay beyond fair trade price for it. The result is chocolate that tastes good and that you can feel good about supporting. Buy the Chocolate Bar HERE.


3. Vegan Dark Chocolate Teddy Bear with With Gift Box

What’s more Valentine’s than chocolate in the shape of a cute teddy bear?? Made with gourmet vegan dark chocolate, this teddy bear is sure to light up the heart of vegans of all ages – young and old. This can also be a great option if you are looking for a Valentine’s Gift while keeping in mind any food sensitivities as it doesn’t have milk or dairy but is a far cry from boring. Quite festive, don’t you think? Buy it HERE.


4. Nutiva Vegan Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa (a vegan version of Nutella)

If your partner has ever claimed to love nutella and/or miss nutella, this Nutiva Vegan Hazelnut Spread will be such a sweet surprise. Because it’s a smaller gift, I would get creative and create a vegan food gift basket (because who doesn’t like lots of vegan food?!) or make your sweetie a Valentine’s inspired brunch with vegan crepes with this as the filling topped with strawberries and non-dairy whip (like almond or coconut based Reddi Whip or the non-dairy whipped cream at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s). Buy Vegan Hazelnut Spread HERE.

5. Handcrafted Vegan Soft Caramels in Sea Salt Chocolate (and individually wrapped)

Holy smokes! Creamy rich chocolates without cream or butter. These handcrafted caramels are a vegan treat where the salty chocolatey goodness is in the buttery caramel mixture itself (so you get a little bite of everything all at once). If your partner likes bite size treats, these vegan caramels are a great option. Buy Vegan Caramels HERE.

Valentine’s Gifts For the Non-Chocolate Loving Vegan

If they even exist. Just kidding, I know they do. Or I think they to ….just to be sure, let me rephrase…Vegan Food Valentine Gifts that aren’t chocolate.

6. Oh! Nuts Holiday Nuts Gift Basket, 9 Variety Mixed Nut Assortment

If your vegan sweetie is a little “nutty” what’s better than a cleverly spun food pun (you’ll have to make the food pun in a card or in person so he or she doesn’t think you actually think they are nutty!). Vegans tend to love nuts and are always snacking on nuts and seeds to get in healthy fats, protein, and to help keep us satisfied but I find nuts tend to be more of a “splurge” grocery item and many vegans don’t frequently stock up on multiple varieties. So, surprise your Valentine with a vegan sampler of salty, sweet, and savory goodness with 9 different types of high quality nuts! Buy the Nut Gift Basket HERE.

7. Oh! Nuts Gourmet Vegan Granola Variety Gift Basket

If your Valentine is a little “nutty,” he or she may also be a little crunchy if you know what I mean. 😉 Granola can have such a weird connotation to it, but with mouthwatering flavors like Coconut Chip and Maple Pecan, these artisan granolas are fun, fresh, tasty and packed in a beautiful wooden box display perfect for Valentine’s Gift Giving. Buy the Granola Gift Basket HERE.

PS: this is not an add for Oh! Nuts, I just think they make great vegan food products.

8. AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

If your vegan valentine is interested in growing her own food but you’re confined to a small space, a hydroponic garden where food is grown in water not soil is a fantastic option. The LED light supports growth regardless of the lighting conditions. Up to 7 plants can be grown at once year round….herbs, greens, flowers, the options are endless and this countertop garden is sure to delight! Buy it HERE. 


Valentine’s Gifts For the Natural Beauty Inspired Vegan

9. HURRAW! 2 pack of Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

This naturally tinted deep red lip balm (from the black cherries) is cruelty free and organic. Not only does it leave your lips soft and smooth, but the sheer subtle color is great for women who don’t like wearing a ton of makeup. The cherry flavor is equally refreshing! This is a great option to add to a larger gift or keep it small if you’re on a tight budget. Buy it HERE.

10. Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bombs Kit – 20 Bath Bombs

There are many soaps and bath bombs/bubble bath soaps that are not vegan. These Joanne Arden Bath Bombs are handmade with high quality, cruelty free, non-toxic ingredients. Does your Valentine need some pampering? These bath bombs will help your sweetie sink into some self-care with a relaxing essential oil infused experience. Buy Vegan Bath Bombs HERE.

There you have it! 10 Vegan Valentine Gift Ideas to get your sweetie in time for Valentine’s Day! I have lots of other ideas that I know other fellow vegans love and if you’re curious, comment below. Or, if you need help deciding, reach out! We’re all in this together. 🙂

Keep it kind.


10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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