Can Vegans Eat Margarine? Is Margarine Vegan?

Most margarine is vegan as it is made from a blend of water and various plant oils like soybean oil, olive oil, palm fruit and palm kernel oil, and canola oil. Aside from the blend that creates various tastes and textures that are all solid at room temperature, most margarines also contain salt, colorings, and other natural and artificial ingredients. However, some margarines contain buttermilk, whey, or other milk based ingredients and are not 100% vegan. Some margarines are vegan. So it really depends on the brand in terms of whether or not it’s vegan and whether or not it is suitable on a vegan diet.

Below are some 100% vegan margarines at the time of this post. Now, some of these will have “cleaner” ingredients without a bunch of artificial flavors and colorings while others do include these to help create a more butter like taste. We each have various factors when choosing foods, so one is not better than another but just know that the ingredient list on the six vegan margarines listed below vary considerably. Please check out each vegan margarine individually for additional details regarding nutrition, cost, and what others think of the overall taste.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Country Crock Plant Butter 

Smart Balance Varieties

Forager Dairy Free Buttery Spread

Miyoko’s Vegan Butter

Kite Hill Vegan Butter

Can Vegans Eat Margarine? Is Margarine Vegan?

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