Awareness and education is my approach to spreading veganism and nothing works better than a subtle t-shirt to get the conversation started. Here are my five favorite vegan t-shirts for women from Redbubble. If you haven’t been to Redbubble before, you should really check them out. They have all kinds of custom apparel and artwork from independent artists. The Vegan’s Pantry is an affiliate of Redbubble, so we earn a small commission from each sale, which is how we keep the site going, so thank you in advance for supporting the site. All links below take you to Redbubble.

Animals are Friends, Not food. Go vegan! Classic T-Shirt

Thee classic vegan t-shirt says it all. Animals are friends, they are not food, so you should go vegan! Super cute and comfy. Buy it HERE.

Herbivore Vegan T-Shirt

Herbivore! Yes, that’s what I am. The perfect subtle t-shirt to show-off your plant-based lifestyle. Buy it HERE.

The Cute Vegan v2 Classic T-Shirt

Elegant, subtle, super cute design with the word “vegan” in script ending in a leaf design and a conscious cow watching us. Super subtle way of hinting that veganism is good for the Earth and the animals. I love it! Buy it HERE.

Powered by Plants T-Shirt

I love starting a conversation about veganism with the saying that “we’re all powered by plants in some form or another, even carnivores”. Vegans just get their plant-based proteins directly from the source, instead of through another animal. I love this t-shirt because it’s big and bold and I love the little power plug from the plants. Buy it HERE.

Powered by Chickpeas T-Shirt

I absolutely love chickpeas (garbanzo beans), so of course this “powered by chickpeas” is going to be one of my favorite t-shirt designs. I love the color scheme on this t-shirt too. Buy it HERE. 

So there you go. Those are my five favorite vegan t-shirt designs on Redbubble. I hope you like them too and will consider picking one up for yourself. We need more awareness of how animal agriculture is destroying our health and the planet, and these t-shirts are a great way of starting that conversation. Toodle loo. 🙂

My Favorite Cute Vegan T-Shirts for Women – Friends Not Food T-Shirt – Vegan T-Shirt Brand RedBubble

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