If you’ve experimented with any vegan or plant-based cooking, there’s a really good chance that you’ve cooked one or many curries. Curries are a vegan’s best friend as they are packed with flavor, vegetables, and protein (often tofu). Plus, if you’re using a vegan curry paste, all you have to do is add it to the vegetables and protein during the cooking process with a can of coconut milk and you’ve got a super tasty, super simple weekday meal on your hands. Certainly you could add more to your curry than a vegan curry paste, but for those quick meals or inexperienced chefs out there, vegan red curry paste and coconut milk are a match made in vegan heaven! However, it’s not that easy to just get any red curry paste as shrimp paste is often added into curry pastes to add a deep umami flavor. In doing so, the product can taste a bit more fishy and is certainly not vegan. However, there are also vegan red curry pastes available that make cooking a plant-based meal much more do able. Today we’re reviewing the three best vegan red curry pastes that you should consider adding to your kitchen arsenal so you can whip up a tasty and creamy red curry soon!

3 Best Vegan Red Curry Pastes

3. Maesri Red Curry Paste 

What We Love: If you make a lot of vegan red curries, Maesri’s Red Curry Paste is the most economical coming in at a larger 14oz container (vs 4oz containers in the other two). It has an authentic taste that can be hard to come by if you were adding in all of the spices on their own. Find Maesri’s Red Curry Paste HERE.

Considerations: There is not any shrimp paste or other explicit animal derived ingredients on the label and while they are an MSG free option, there are natural flavors added that may or may not be vegan as natural flavors can be animal or plant derived.

2. Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste

What We Love: Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste is a long time vegan staple and while at one point they were not a vegan choice, they are now and have been for some time. The gluten-free, MSG-free paste creates a tasty and authentic flavor with the specific and unique spices needed to make an amazing curry – like galangal and lemongrass. One jar is hardly enough and can easily be used when making one large curry so we love that the Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste comes in a six pack container that makes cooking vegan curries easy and delicious. Find vegan Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste HERE. 

Considerations: The vegan Thai Kitchen Red Curry paste is almost too small for some at home chefs depending on the size of your meal and how frequently you use it!

1. Mekhala Organic Gluten Free Thai Red Curry Paste

What We Love: Mekhala is the only organic certified red curry paste that is also vegan. This delicious blend of spices will make truly epic vegan curries that will have you, your friends, or your family members wondering if it’s take out! Like Thai Kitchen, Mekhala Red Curry Paste is on the Medium to Medium Hot spicy range and can be toned up with chili oil or crushed red pepper flakes or it can be toned down with additional coconut milk. Whatever you preference, you won’t be disappointed with this vegan red curry paste that you can find HERE. 

Considerations: Because Mekhala Red Curry Paste is organic, it does retail for a higher price than Thai Kitchen or Maesri’s red curry paste. This is a consideration depending on your budget and preferences. You can save additional money by purchasing the six pack HERE instead of the single jar container.

There you have it, the three best vegan red curry pastes! Have you tried any of these yourself? If so, what’s your favorite?? Or if not, be sure to check one of them out to create a take-out worthy meal for a fraction of the price at home! Creating vegan red curries at home also allows you to control what and how many veggies, tofu, coconut milk, and spice level it is! It’s truly a win-win all around with these vegan red curry pastes!

3 Best Vegan Red Curry Pastes

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